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Mike Huckaby - Too Many Classics To Be Left With Little Or No Attention

dr lopez

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via RA https://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=38354




Mike Huckaby is releasing his first LP, Too Many Classics To Be Left With Little Or No Attention. 

The title of the album, which is coming out on Huckaby's Deep Transportation label, refers to a note that a TSA agent left in Huckaby's record bag while he was traveling through an airport. The LP rounds up some of Huckaby's most popular tracks from over the years, remasters them and presents them on "much louder" wax. 1997's "The Jazz Republic" (presented in three different versions) and 1996's "Flashback 78'" are among the selections. 


love the title origin story. makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside - nothing better than looking through another man's record collection (on the job or not) and finding it exceed all expectations.


anyway the man knows how to get things moving. looking forward to this - "they" say it's coming "soon"

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this is out now and the tracks sound great and loud and crisp on the decks. Apparently the title is now "little or no protection" not "attention" RA messed that up. ok


there are better huckaby tracks out there (I also think he's a better DJ than producer) but this is worth it!

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