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Very Old Member (Idi Amin) - New Mixes

Taupe Beats

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Hello, I was Idi Amin on this board a long time ago. I have decided to come back to share DJ mixes


Most recent, I think you'll enjoy:  http://www.mixcloud.com/26thPsalmBranch/taupe-beats-dispiration-mix-4-15-18/


1 "777" by Raam
2 "Sand" by AtomTM
3 "Wet Summer (Kornél Kovács remix)" by Seb Wildblood
4 "La Vida Es Bella" by Yarni & Javi feat. AIAMA
5 "Helix House Beat 2" by Helix
6 "Dreama That Girl" by Gerry Read
7 "The Come Up" by Locked Groove
8 "Haipa" by Slowglide
9 "She Moves Through Fire" by Imre Kiss
10 "Takeover" by Flava D & Holy Goof feat. Dread MC
11 "Like it Is" by Jonas Palzer
12 "Farewell 24" by Or:la
13 "Less and Less" by Project Pablo
14 "Twisted" by Subjoi
15 "Ode to the Pleiades (Photay remix)" by Clap! Clap!
16 "Second Stimulus" by Toby Tobias
17 "Things Won't Change" by TRP
18 "Sound Fondue" by Fader From Borneo
19 "Take Me Home" by Iron Curtis
20 "Jazz Hands You'll Never Understand" by Jad & The
21 "Endless" by Lonely Boys

Many more mixes here:  https://www.mixcloud.com/26thPsalmBranch/


Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback/questions.

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Hello, I was Idi Amin on this board a long time ago. I have decided to come back to share DJ mixes


Most recent, I think you'll enjoy:  http://www.mixcloud.com/26thPsalmBranch/taupe-beats-dispiration-mix-4-15-18/



Really enjoying this mix so far, very good. Edit: great set thx for sharing.


Any chance you'd make these avail for download so I can take them on the go? 

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Hello, I was Idi Amin on this board a long time ago. I have decided to come back to share DJ mixes


Most recent, I think you'll enjoy:  http://www.mixcloud.com/26thPsalmBranch/taupe-beats-dispiration-mix-4-15-18/



Really enjoying this mix so far, very good. Edit: great set thx for sharing.


Any chance you'd make these avail for download so I can take them on the go? 






Hello! Thanks for the kind words everyone!


Sorry for the delay. I don't have any really concrete hosting but I do have a Box acct so here's a link to the Dispiration mix!





And here's one for the "Better Late Than Never" mix:



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Wicked thx man, listened to the Dispiration mix again this morning. Really great track selection, nice mixing too. 



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Last friday's SubFM show:






Beesmunt Soundsystem "Opium"
Ozel AB "Stoosh 95"
Autechre "Tankakern"
Marquis Hawkes "The Landsberger Funk"
Huerco S. "Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning)"
K15 "Bordeaux (Glenn Astro/Imyrmind Feel Dat Distortion remix)"
Matthias Zimmermann "Eugene"
Bruce Trail "Over Falls"
Clockwork "Escape Sequence (Ayarcana Remix)"
Ron & Neil "You Feel It"
Seb Wildblood "Jazz Vol.1"
Aphex Twin "CIRKLON 1"
Gerry Read "We Are"
Huerco S. "Cercy"
Claro Intelecto "Signifier"
Batu "Dekalb"
Chaos In The CBD "Observe"
Audion "Suppa"
O'Flynn "Oberyn"
Mr Jefferson "Ghetto Funk"
Frits Wentink "Blaise Montoya"
Desert "Sense Likes (Baltra Remix)"
Palms Trax "Honey Lemongina"
Todd Edwards "Winter Behaviour"
MFO "Slow Run in Our Dreams"
Jean Nipon "Put It in the Trunk"
Bakongo "Tee Oh Ell"
Roska "Time Stamp"
Loidis "The Floating Wolrd (& All Its Pleasures)"
Paul Woolford "MDMA"
Lando Kal "TMRW"
Cylob "Inseminoid"
Dj Cra$y "I Need You (Breach Mix)"
Trevino "Derelict"
A Made Up Sound "Sun Touch"
Benjamin Damage "010x"
EL-B "Ease My Mind"
Pearson Sound "Thaw Cycle"
Champion & Riko Dan "Landslide"
Pinch "water bomb"
Tickles "Predator"


Happy how this turned out. Other mixes in the pipeline as well, stay tuned!

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Fun doesn't stop. This was *supposed* to be my first SubFM show that was gonna take place on 4/27/18. However technical difficulties got the better of the day. Since I spent quite a bit of time on the tracklist, figured I'd record it as a studio mix





  1. Mall Grab – “Alone” Alone EP, Shall Not Fade 2018
  2. 214 – “Fly by Night” Ingalls Way EP, 20/20 Vision Recordings 2018
  3. BD1982 - “Last Rites” Decades Tempest LP, Diskotopia 2018
  4. PC – “Spirit Feel” Spirit Feel single, Church 2018
  5. Channel Tres – “Controller”, Controller single, GODMODE 2018
  6. Special Request – “Cold Blooded”, Soul Music album, Houndstooth 2013
  7. Luigi Tozzi – “Leto” Ecate single, Outis Music 2018
  8. Parrish Smith – “The Self of Matter”, Esplendor EP, Long Island Electrical Systems 2017
  9. Markus Suckut – “Shimmer”, New Life EP, Rekids 2018
  10. J. Wiltshire – “Laghan Pux (Roy of the Ravers Euro 303 remix)”, Laghan Pux EP, Musar Recordings 2018
  11. DJ Assem – “Say Hi to Everyone”, I’m Still In 2 It single, Lehult 2018
  12. Man Power – “Barranquilla Trifle (Ruf Dog Zouk remix)” – Barranquilla Trifle single, Futureboogie 2018
  13. Florentino – “Seductora”, Fragmentos EP, Mixpak 2018
  14. Actress – “FANTASYNTH”, AZD album, Ninja Tune 2017
  15. Tessela – “Glisten”, Blue 01 single, Whities 2018
  16. Alek Soltirov – “For Your Body N’ Soul”, Test the Time EP, Different Attitudes 2018
  17. DJ Huere – “Last One”, Eastbound EP, Let’s Play House 2018
  18. Muzikalist – “Hacid Boy”, DMC03 EP, Dionysian Mysteries 2018
  19. TRP – “Efx Pt1”, Things Won’t Change EP, Lobster Theremin 2018
  20. Eats Everything – “Burn”, Burn single, Edible 2018
  21. Tickles – “Apple Grumble”, Apple Grumble single, Kicks & Snares 2017
  22. Baltra – “Never Let Go (Of Me)”, LL003 single, 96 & Forever 2017
  23. DJ Seinfeld – “Sagrada”, Sakura EP, Deep Sea Frequency 2018
  24. AQXDM – “Ballad 002”, Aegis EP, Bedouin Records 2018
  25. Redlight – “Equinox”, Dance Trax, Vol. 10, Unknown to the Unknown 2018
  26. VVV – “Spellbound”, Shadow World album, HOLODECK Records 2017
  27. Mele – “Larry’s Beat – Edit”, Tribal Trax, Unknown to the Unknown 2018
  28. Mak & Pasteman – “My MPC – Extended Mix”, My MPC EP, Food Music 2018
  29. Stars as Eyes – “Le Punisher (Lusine Icl remix)” – Fight Club EP, Tigerbeat6 2003
  30. Terr – “Memoir”, Have You Ever single, Permanent Vacation 2018
  31. Bochum Welt – “Arnos Park”, Module 2 album, Rephlex 1996
  32. Woz, “Grains”, Grains single, Lobster Boy 2017
  33. The Third Man – “Double Dawn (Claro Intelecto remix)”, Double Dawn EP, EPM Music 2013
  34. Rimbaudian – “She Taught Me How to Love”, Letters EP, Ten Thousand Yen 2017
  35. Dennis Quin – “Meaning – Extended mix”, Drive EP, Food Music 2018
  36. The Loose Control Band – “I Don’t Understand (Ryan James Ford ‘Hope’ remix)”, I Don’t Understand single, Rekids 2018
  37. Breach – “Nico”, Culture single, NKDLTD 2018
  38. 4AM – “Kingston (Two Lone Swordsman remix)”, Muzique Tropique compilation, Glasgow Underground 1997
  39. 1989 – “Unknown Memory”, These Things Take Time compilation, Vol. 001, These Things Take Time 2016
  40. T.U.R.F. – “East Side Harmony”, Moonlighting EP, Apparel Music 2017
  41. Tlim Shug – “Overcaste Tune”, Mutuality EP, Bobby Donny 2017
  42. Christophe Salin – “Like a Call”, Sweet Memories, Salin Records 2018
  43. Rezzett – “Sexzzy Creep”, Rezzett LP, The Trilogy Tapes 2018
  44. Konx-Om-Pax – “Beatrice’s Visit (Huerco S. Extended Stay – The Morning Version), Refresher EP, Planet Mu 2017
  45. Jacques Ranciere - "The Importance of Critical Theory for Social Movements Today (Excerpt)" 2009



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Awesome thank you for sharing! Put on one of your earlier mixes for the good ole' workout this morning.


The track listings are really interesting to me as I only recognize maybe 20% of the artists. Edit: actually counting them up more like 10%. 

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Thanks! Yeah I like to keep the tracklists as fresh as possible. So much music in this world!


p.s. I'm taking a cover show tonight on SubFM, going on in about 25 minutes (8pm CST/2am GMT), lock in if ya can!



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Sorry about the technical difficulties Friday (not sure what's causing it, gotta figure it out asap haha)


I recorded it as a studio mix, enjoy!




  1. Gas – “Untitled”, Pop, Mille Plateaux, 2000
  2. DOKTA “Mr. Pink”, Metronomic, 20/20 Vision Recordings, 2018
  3. D.C. LaRue “Let Them Dance (Idjut Boys Beats)”, Resurrection – The Remixes Pt. 1, Z Records, 2018
  4. David Mayer feat. Xolisa “Sondela (Floyd Lavine’s Drumversion)”, Sondela EP, Connected, 2018
  5. Talaboman “Brutal Chugga Chugga (L.B. Dub Corp Remix)”, The Night Land Remixed EP, R&S Records, 2018
  6. Alex.Do “Lauser”, World on a Wire single, Dystopian, 2018
  7. Maajo “Defo (Trevor Deep Jr. Reconstruction)”, Defo/Mansaba single, Queen Nanny, 2018
  8. Shahrokh Dini “Yomaha (Karim Sahraoui Eternity Version)”, Jupiter EP, Compost Records, 2018
  9. Khotin “Strange Plant”, Aloe Drink EP, Public Release Recordings, 2018
  10. Hi-Lite Scan “Home”, Comeback album, Double Cheese Records, 2018
  11. DJ OK “Moments in Code”, Private Messages single, hundert Records, 2018
  12. Deadboy “R-Less”, DEEMZ EP, Local Action Records, 2018
  13. Roy Davis Jr. “The Untold Story”, 312 House Society:  A Taste of House compilation, Creative Limited Recordings, 2018
  14. Psychedelic Research Lab “Keep on Climbin’ (Deetron Remix)”, Keep on Climbin’ single, FIREHOUSE RECORDINGS, 2018
  15. Felipe Gordon “Tell Me Something True (Pontchartrain Remix)”, Acid Party at Teusaquillo single, Toy Tonics, 2018
  16. 96 Back “085”, Provisional Electronics EP, Central Processing Unit, 2018
  17. Kingbastard “Someone is Lying”, We are the Ones & Zeros album, Christopher Weeks, 2018
  18. Ryan James Ford “Rachel Whiteread”, Memory Screen EP, SHUT, 2018
  19. Clay Wilson “Osho (Jasen Loveland’s Twisted Interpretation Mix)”, Osho EP, The Bunker New York, 2018
  20. Kenneth Scott “Let’s Go Program Thomas (The Exaltics In This Twilight Mix)”, Let’s Go Program Thomas single, Vakant, 2018
  21. Cyborg 95 “Def6”, Ultratek EP, Lobster Theremin, 2018
  22. Throwing Snow “Minotaurs”, Myriad EP, Houndstooth, 2018
  23. 8Ball “Total Kontrolz (Mr. G’s G10 Dub)”, Total Kontrolz single, Grade 10, 2018
  24. Dream Cycle “Influence”, Part Two single, Sneaker Social Club, 2018
  25. IJO “Snieginis”, Evidence Found, No.1 compilation, Little Beat Different, 2018
  26. Szare “Kodiak”, Kodiak/Translocated single, Different Circles, 2018
  27. Loco Dice “$lammer”, $lammer single, Cuttin Headz, 2018
  28. Modeselektor “Kalif Storch”, Kalif Storch single, Monkeytown/Ninja Tune, 2018
  29. Locked Groove “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, Zillion single, Locked Groove Records/Hotflush, 2018
  30. Inigo Kennedy “Breaking Point”, Strata album, Token/N.E.W.S., 2018
  31. Posthuman “Netflix and Kill”, The Damocles Syndicate single, Shipwrec, 2018
  32. Martyn “Body Music”, Angels EP, Dolly, 2018
  33. Randomer “Van Pelt”, Slicing single, Dekmantel, 2018
  34. Lena Platonos “Lego (Avalon Emerson version)”, Sun Masks (Remixes) EP, Dark Entries Records, 2017
  35. L.B. Dub Corp “IELBEE”, Side Effects album, Mote Evolver, 2018
  36. Sam Irl “Rain Technique”, Rain Technique EP, Freerange Records, 2018
  37. Jon Dixon & Marcus Belgrave “Wise Words”, Erudition:  A Tribute to Marcus Belgrave single, Planet E Commuications, 2018
  38. Lé-Visa-Vis “At the House”, Saw & Sines single, Farang Dam Records, 2018
  39. Akasha System “Warmth”, Temple Images album, Akasha System, 2018
  40. Maxmillion Dunbar “Polo (Lauer Remix)”, Time Travel compilation, Live at Robert Johnson, 2018
  41. SCHNTZL “Stacey”, Paper, Wind single, W.E.R.F. Records, 2018
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Sorry, been slackin', several SubFM shows to share!


Show I did with @bronchuseven on 5-25-18




Quirke "Ttransport Craving"

Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka "Infamous" 

Javonntte "Club246" 

Skee Mask "Kappelberg Chant"

Simo Cell "How Do U Turn This On"

Randomer "Myanmar"

Interplanetary Criminal "Intergalactic Jack"

DJ Seinfeld "Sakura"

Detach "Jazz Stuff"

Roy of the Ravers "Emotinium" 

Dylan Cameron "Public Space" 

Forest Drive West "Scanners" 

Simoncino "Front Line" 

Baltra "Fuck All Y'all Haters"

Dream Cycle "Afters - 3am Mix"

Blawan "993" 

Versalife "Artificial Affection" 

Lag "Trema" 

Midnight Star "No Parking (On the Dance Floor) - 12 Mix"

Bakongo "Tee Oh Ell" 

Mele "Scouse Afrika" 

Benjamin Damage "Delirium Tremens" 

Aphex Twin "D-Scape"

Randomer, Cadans "Lottarump" 

Felipe Gordon "Broken VHS" 

Champion "Rainforest" 

DJ Swagger "Buck 'em Down" 

Rrose "Pentagons" 

Randomer, Hodge "Second Freeze" 

Conforce "P.O.D." 

DJ Boring "I Know You Want To - Baltra Remix"

Or:la "Farewell 24"

Pangaea "Hex" 

1800HaightStreet "Vanisher" 

Ploy "Move Yourself"

The Loose Control Band "I Don't Understand - Ryan James Ford's "Hope" Remix"

Aphex Twin "#17" 

TRP "Efx Pt1"

Obscure Shape, SHDW "Gefallene Engel" 

Sigha "Something in Between Us"


Cover show 5-30-18:




Loure "In the Evenings"

Anthony Naples "ZTL"

Christopher Rau "B.S. Fondue"

Nathan Jonson "Space Between Breath - The Crane Remix"

D'Arcangelo "AC - SF13 - 2 Cid - 13th Cider"

Carl Finlow "Veiled"

Joe Goddard "Truth is Light - Rimbaudian Remix"

Trikk "Rounded"

Baltra "Meta"

Creatures of Shaun "Blink"

DJ Aakmael "Takewon"

Athlete Whippet "Dreams"


HONS "Inspector Melvin"

Ress 93 "Forensic Files"

EOD "Lob him over the Wall"

Sonderr "Rush Hour"

DJ Lilocox "Vozes Ricas"

Florentino "Seductora"

Tlim Shug "Funeral Errday"

Szare "Kodiak"

Joe "Tail Lift"

Champion, Four Tet "World"

Dream Cycle "Afters - 3am Mix"

Desert "Sense Likes (Baltra Remix)"

Recondite "Saudade"

DJ Swagger "Holly Tool"

Special Request "Trippethylophosphazene"

Nightmares On Wax "Sal Batardes (Autechre Purple Mix)"

Squarepusher "Snake Pass"

Toma Kami "Side Hustle"

Varum "Break & Enter, Pt. 3"

Or:la "Wendy Wild"

Ryan James Ford "Deer Run"

Mele "Scouse Afrika"

Randomer "Scruff Box"

Pearson Sound "Robin Chasing Butterflies"

A Made Up Sound "Drain"

Sir Lord Commix "Azid Jazz"

Zed Bias "Neighbourhood 09 - Roska Remix"


Buzz Kill "To Cast a Shadow"

DJ Seinfeld "Sakura"

DJ OK "Moments in Code"

Claro Intelecto "Peace of Mind (Electrosoul)"



Cover show 6-2-18:




Martin Kohlstedt "ELL (Christian Löffler Rework)"
Aphex Twin "Xtal"
Bruce Trail "Over Falls"
Daniel Du Noy "Melanchodies"
Pearson Sound "Crank Call"
Kerrier District "Silhouettes"
Young Marco "Sea World"
Medlar "Body Action"
Chaos In The CBD "Midnight In Peckham"
Pezzner "Autosave My Love"
Khotin "Recycle (5am Reflection Mix)"
Huerco S. "Cercy"
Hayden James "Just a Lover (Frits Wentink Remix)"
Octavcat "Rabid DX"
Claro Intelecto "Tria"
LIMIT "Limit#02"
Nick Holder "Feelin' Sad"
Whoami "Dirty Cache"
Anthony Naples "Dopes To Infinity (4DM)"
Jimmy Edgar "Dreamz Come True (feat Rochelle Jordan)"
South London Ordnance "Revolver"
Rocco "P3 Jazz (Atjazz Remix)"
Shenoda "Vista"
Paul Woolford "Holy Ghost"
GESLOTEN CIRKEL "Zombie Machine"
Distal "One Up"
Keys N Krates "U Already Know (Jakwob Remix)"
Bodhi "The Groove"
Mella Dee "Keep On"
Benjamin Damage "Light Year"
Liar "Sidewinder (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix)"
Fader From Borneo "Sound Fondue"
Dream Cycle "DCYX 5"
DJ Swagger "Return of the Swagger"
Roska, Untold "Myth"
Special Request "Take Me"
Ryan James Ford "Pegl Shant"
Or:la "Farewell 24"
EOD "Jymsjig"
Lanark Artefax "Touch Absence - Intimidating Stillness Mix"



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Beauty! I have to catch up - missed the last one. 


Kind of turbulent week for me but hopefully I can catch up when the wife gets back from travelling (she's a fan too ;0)

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Finally gotten around to the most recent mixes today. Will binge today as I study ;o


Edit: meant to ask earlier, are these hardware mixes or are you using ableton or? Quality mixing.

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Hello! Thanks again for listening! These are hardware mixes, all done live. I'm using a Pioneer controller at the moment, but still have a pair of turntables (Numark TTX's, I liked the extra pitch range) and a Native Instruments Z2 mixer ( <3). 


Here's my show from Saturday!




1.     Sano & TMO & Odopt “Postcard Jam”, Rare Dance Disc compilation, Public Posession 2018


2.     Moullinex feat. UhAhUh “Painting by Numbers (Xinobi Remix)”, Painting by Numbers Remixes single, Discotexas 2018


3.     Benedikt Frey “New Now”, New Now single, Live at Robert Johnson 2018


4.     Two Thou & Enrico Demuro “Trudu”, Zinnigheddas Jam Berlin EP, Gifted Culture 2018


5.     Syclops “5 Left”, Pink Eye album, BubbleTease Communications 2018


6.     Essaie Pas “Complet Brouillé (Khidja’s Hidden Formula Mix)”, New Path (The Remixes), DFA 2018


7.     Aera “Glass Channel”, Heavy Rotations Vol. 1 compilation, Maeve 2018


8.     Optik “Illusion”, Welcome to Paradise (Italian Dream House 89-93) compilation, Safe Trip 2018 (song’s from 1991)


9.     Crysta Nagahori “Cut Glass”, Pure Half Glass single, Diskotopia 2018


10.  INNYSTER “A Last Time For”, The Midnight Manual compilation, Midnight Shift 2018


11.  The Untouchables “The Swing Doctor”, The Swing Doctor single, Strictly Rhythm 1991


12.  Lee Houser “Feel So (Andy Clockwork Remix)”, Feel So Majik EP, Tilted Records 2018


13.  Wah-Chu-Ku “Humble Beginnings”, Drum Union Vol. 1 single (compilation), Drumpoet Community 2018


14.  Lorenzo_BITW feat. Rahhh “Kanaan (Poté Remix)”, Kanaan EP, Friends of Friends 2018


15.  Monopoly Child Star Searchers “WIND’S EMOTIVE INNER KEY”, Make Mine, Macaw album, Discrepant 2018


16.  Esteban Adame “Open House Memories”, Mayan Basement single, Mister Saturday Night 2018


17.  Jozef K feat. Lauraell “Sunshine Music”, Sunshine Music single, True Romance Records 2018


18.  Simple Symmetry “Too Much Fun at the Temple of Doom”, Beginner’s Guide to Magic single, Disco Halal 2018


19.  Route 8 “Turning Point”, Come Home EP, Lobster Theramin 2018


20.  Tyree Cooper “Somethin (DJ Final Mix)”, Ya’ll Want Some Mo EP, Trax Couture 2018


21.  DJ Windows XP “How Did You Know I Was Here”, Raj single (Compilation), Who’s Susan V.O.F. 2018


22.  Yris Den “Amen Auro Atha”, Strafen single, Magazine 2018


23.  LA-4A “Vague Complaint”, Slackline EP, Central Processing Unit 2018


24.  Charlie Thorstenson “Skuggor”, Siamese Anthology II compilation, Siamese 2018


25.  Chris Stussy “Flow Distinction”, Boogie Trippin EP, Robsoul 2018


26.  30/70 “Slangin’ (Neue Grafik Rework)”, Elevations album, Rhythm Section International 2018


27.  Deep Policy “Knick Knack (Jini Cowan Remix)”, Knick Knack EP, Karunga Muusika 2018


28.  Rone feat. Noga Erez “Wave (Locked Groove Remix)”, Wave EP, InFiné 2018


29.  Tee Mango “Wazoo”, EP#2, Aus Music 2018


30.  Elliott Lion “I Can’t Forget You”, Ecstasy EP, Futureboogie 2018


31.  51 Days “Paper Moon”, Ralph Lawson & Tristan Da Cunha present Back to Basics Rare Classics compilation, 20/20 Visions Recordings 2018 (song came out in 1994)


32.  Måns Glaeser “Velvet Tony”, Velvet Pony Trax 3 single, Velvet Pony 2018


33.  DJ Spider “Antikythera Mechanism Part 2”, Wire Head EP, Rekids 2018


34.  Baltra “Iwunnaf33l”, Iwunnaf33l single, 96 and Forever 2018


35.  Razzler Man “Renk Dread 2018”, Marcus Nasty presents:  Tribal Brothers EP, Nervous Horizon 2018


36.  Chekov, “Stasis 113”, Patina Echoes compilation, Timedance 2018


37.  Kuo Climax “Whyte”, Nacrem single, Hot Creations 2018


38.  Ross From Friends “Gettin’ It Done”, You’ll Understand EP, Lobster Theramin 2018


39.  Hissman “Zulu Tribe”, Revenge EP, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams 2018


40.  Bogdan Dražić “Nang Nubia”, Dangnabbit EP, The Trilogy Tapes 2018


41.  Hugo Massien “Ghost Note (Bruce’s “X” Mix)”, Ghost Note single, 17 Steps 2018


42.  Ben Long “Fire in the Hole (Diarmaid O’Meara Remix)”, Standing Alone Remixes single, EPM Music 2018


43.  Rasmus Juncker “Eksotisk Tirsdag”, Ophold album, Kingdoms 2018



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lol it's hard to keep up, but worth it. I've found more than a few artists to explore through your sets. Much obliged.  :beer:


hope you post the show from last night - tons of amazing IDM selections, especially the b2b squarepusher tunes!

yes pls 

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Ask and you shall receive! Apologies, this one's a bit sloppy in a couple moments, still turned out well. Enjoy!



  1. Roy Of the Ravers “Emotinium”, 2 Late 4 Love EP, Acid Waxa 2016
  2. Pearson Sound “Blanked”, Blanked single, Hessle Audio 2010
  3. Baltra feat. Margaux Lonnberg “And I Think Of U”, No Regrets EP, 96 and Forever 2016
  4. Randomer “Woodwork”, Concierge single, Clone Bassment Series 2016
  5. Avalon Emerson “One More Fluorescent Rush”, Whities 013, Whities 2017
  6. Duke Hugh “I Got”, Poly Valence EP, La Freund Recordings 2017
  7. DJ Swagger “Lost”, Remember Me EP, E-Beamz 2017
  8. Headless Ghost “Basik Fire”, Frontend EP, Clone Bassment Series 2013
  9. Champion “Rainforest”, Rainforest EP, Kicks & Snares 2011
  10. Monki “Voices”, Voices single, &Friends 2018
  11. Chaos in The CBD “Trust Is Key”, Midnight in Peckham EP, Rhythm Section International 2015
  12. L.B. Dub Corp “Bass Machine”, Side Effects album, Mote Evolver 2018
  13. Errorsmith “Superlative Fatigue”, Superlative Fatigue album, PAN 2017
  14. Or:la “Farewell 24”, Farewell 24 single, Hotflush 2017
  15. Desert “Sense Likes (Baltra Remix)”, Sense Likes single, Cascine 2017
  16. Melé “Larry's Beat – Edit”, Tribal Trax, Unknown to the Unknown 2018
  17. Rimbaudian “She Taught Me How to Love”, Letters EP, Ten Thousand Yen 2017
  18. o9 “Beat Bot”, No Delay for Days single, Planet-µ 2001
  19. Beesmunt Soundsytem “Amsterdam 808”, Body Shape EP, Pets Recording 2014
  20. DJ Seinfeld “Sakura”, Sakura EP, Deep Sea Frequency 2018
  21. Full Intention “Icon (Gerry Read Remix)”, Rebirth 10 Remixed, Pt. 2 compilation, Rebirth 2017
  22. Pearson Sound “Robin Chasing Butterflies”, Robin Chasing Butterflies single, Pearson Sound 2017
  23. Special Request “Change”, Belief System album, Houndstooth 2017
  24. DJ Swagger “Atter Action”, Book of Res EP, E-Beamz 2017
  25. Breakage “Rain”, Together/Rain single, Digital Soundboy 2014
  26. Boards of Canada “Amo Bishop Roden”, In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country EP, Warp 2000
  27. Soukah “Windowlicka”, RARE7 single, Rarefied 2018
  28. Kenneth Scott “Pranic Lift 777”, Let’s go Program Thomas single, Vakant 2018
  29. Trevino “Sombre Tones”, Klockworks 20 compilation, Klockworks 2017
  30. Decal “Gadgets”, Brightest Star album, Geist Ltd. 2003
  31. Dez Williams “Swollen”, Against Your Will EP, Bedouin Records 2018
  32. EOD “Jack & Field”, EAP Tracks EP, Stonedwave 2007
  33. Squarepusher “My Red Hot Car”, Go Plastic album, Warp 2001
  34. Squarepusher “Snake Pass”, Selection Sixteen album, Warp 1999
  35. Roska “480 BC”, Tectonic Plates Vol. 3 compilation, Tectonic 2012
  36. Cyborg 95 “Tour De France '16”, Ultratek EP, Lobster Theramin 2018
  37. Or:la “Wendy Wild”, Farewell 24 single, Hotflush 2017
  38. K-Lone “Barbarossa”, BB-8/Barbarossa single, Wych 2018
  39. Axefield “140 Trak”, Raj single, Who’s Susan V.O.F. 2018
  40. DJ Nigga Fox “Maria Costa”, Crânio EP, Warp 2018
  41. Pangaea “Router”, You & I/Router single, Hessle Audio 2008
  42. Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer “Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Meet Shangaan Electro”, Shangaan Shake compilation, Honest Jon’s Records 2012
  43. VVV “Project Z”, The Projects EP, Fortefied Audio 2010
  44. Mob Killa “Nation Nation”, What if We Drink Coffee single, Rarefied 2018
  45. Meat Beat Manifesto “We Done”, Subliminal Sandwich album, PIAS 1996
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