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Luscious-235 - End.Game. (July 31, 2019)


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New album from Luscious-235:

You don’t remember. 

In the year 1979, humanity experienced dramatic, rapid technological advancement which has since been completely expunged from the historical record. One day, everything was blurry analog. And the next, primitive but rapidly evolving digital. Where did it come from? How did everything change so fast? Some say it was extraterrestrials. Or ancient secrets from the Toltecs, Mayans, or Egyptians. Maybe it was a series of covert government projects. 

Within one year, the first iteration of smartphones were commonplace. 2 years after 1979, artificial humans were walking the streets, holding jobs, and paying taxes. The economies of the world turned while artificials happily carried out their functions and humans reaped the benefits. It was a utopia. Until it wasn’t. 

Growing paranoia -- fueled by the uncontrolled rise of technology and coupled with religious fundamentalism -- was at the forefront of the global conversation. Some humans and governments were afraid of being completely usurped by the artificials and overwhelmed by technology. Perhaps rightfully so. 

In the 3rd year, the governments of the world enacted what they called “Operation End Game”. A “hard reset” on technology and society. Nuclear warheads detonated at high altitudes, with the resulting electro-magnetic pulses destroying all electronics. Millions died in the ensuing damage and chaos. 

But you don’t remember any of it. You still believe only 6 years separate “1979” and “1985”. How can humanity forget an entire decade? We were there. We remember everything. 

The following years (no one knows for sure, but estimates put it between 5-8) were used to rebuild, repair, and restart everything in a carefully controlled fashion. Drugs broadcast via air, water, radio, and television provided historical scrubbing and psychological programming. 

The entirety of humanity was left with no record or memory of the event. The few remaining fragments and facts have been pieced together by a small community. They call this lost time “The 19A0s”. 

And so you don’t remember. But we do. We are Luscious-235 -- a band consisting of a human (Sid Luscious) and an artificial (Unit 235). When Operation End Game was enacted, we were playing a show, deep in an underground parking garage in Los Angeles. Under the concrete and dirt, we were shielded from the effects of the EMP. We survived. We remember everything. 

This is our story. This is our music. This is the 19A0s.

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  • Joyrex changed the title to Luscious-235 - End.Game. (July 31, 2019)

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