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Premier League 2019/2020

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You slack cunts

Not that i give too much of a fk about the usual Inglan suspects, but anyone except Chelski & Citeh, right?

Liverpool & Spurs - if you don't win it this year might have to quit watching PL matches altogether, not like the metropolitan elite at Stoke or Millwall away have that much going on football entertainment-wise to distract

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This one's 4 U ChenDOG, yer mans Cantona went full something (lol/wtfs inbound):


Shit, we're like 4 weeks in and is already 2 horse race.  The remaining 'big' clubs all look particularly vulnerable this season and I can see a Leicester or Everton possibly shaking things up.

Spurs christ, what a mess.  the whole Eriksen saga is a mexican standoff where everybody dies. *scribbles 'Great job!' furiously*

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I loved that speech from Cantona. 

Little bit of Shakespeare, some modern philosophy, bang on. Can’t help it that most footballers have the IQ of a gnat. 

As for the league, fuck it. So far my only consolation is being ahead of Chelsea. Completely pissed off that we didn’t get a decent DM/CM. Playing Pogba this deep is fucking suicide. 

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not the most interesting start to the season, everything mostly as it was last season... 'pool/City will duke it out, Spurs might do a bit better, but not much. Arsenal might do a bit better with an improved attack thanks to Pepe (who looks decent), and luckily for them Chelsea look worse and United are still shit.

Wolves were my 2nd favourite team last season, seems they're doing a Burnley now that they're in the Europa league for the first time. which is a shame, because I have three of the fuckers in my FF team.

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that was a fun game. best game of the season so far. otamendi is such a lol.

glad spurs were able to trash a POS team like palace. where was that 3 weeks ago against newcastle. love when spurs sign players and then they don't play for like 6 months...



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another shocking goal conceded in the arsenal game due to this new gk restart rule. wonder if they introduced it in the hope there'd be a bunch of these hilarious goals for us all to enjoy?

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know an Upton Park head & he was chuckling y'day, London derbies with Mozza will have the extra air of Machiavellianism

Liverpool = about time. Seeing London & Manchester clubs dominate for so long, try n push on & savour some change, been too long

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lpool will win the league this season no question. too easy. i like their team and i like their manager. hard to hate. fortunately their fans are such retarded idiots that it makes it easy.


spurs lmao. still can't deal that mou is around. a bad dream but whatever we'll see what happens. we needed a change fucking bad. have played like shit since 2018. im ready for what's coming. sad part is poch will be man u manager next year. but at this rate, good luck. seems like a poisoned chalice.

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Not sure if we’ll get poch tbh. He’ll probably want to go to a competently run club. Can see him going to Bayern if Ten Hag doesn’t go there first. Maybe PSG if they don’t win the CL this year* 
shame about Liverpool winning the league already. 



*Spurs are winning it this year, prem next year, and then will be in 14th place in mou’s third year with him getting the sack in December. 
I imagine all spurs fans would take this in a heartbeat.


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