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autechre the movie

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Shen Benedict and Bubnis Black are the result of a secret experiment carried out at a genetics laboratory to combine the DNA of eleven fathers to produce the perfect children. To the surprise of the scientists, the embryo split and twins were born. The mother, Stephanie G, was told that Shen died at birth, and not told about Bubnis at all.

Bubnis was placed in an orphanage run by nuns in Manchester and believed his mother abandoned him. With no one but himself to rely on, Bubnis seduced a nun, escaped from the orphanage and later became an indebted, small time low life. Shen was raised on an island by Professor Gonk, one of the scientists from the experiment, who put him through intense physical training and extensive study.

Each twin was unaware of the other's existence. On Shen’s 35th birthday, Gonk finally tells Shen about Bubnis. With Gonk's blessing, Shen proceeds to the United States to find his brother. Shen discovers that Bubnis lives in New Jersey and eventually tracks him down to jail, where he is being held for unpaid parking tickets.

Shen bails Bubnis out, but Bubnis does not believe his story and abandons him in a parking lot. Shen pursues Bubnis to his workplace and finds him being beaten up by Joseph Rex, an enforcer for a group of loan sharks. Shen subdues Rex, earning Bubnis's trust and respect. He later meets Shen's girlfriend Max and enters a romantic relationship with her twin sister Emma Spee.

Over dinner, Bubnis shows Shen a document he stole from the orphanage that shows their mother is still alive, but believing that she abandoned him at birth, Bubnis shows no interest in finding her. Believing that their mother may have also been lied to, Shen tracks one of their 11 fathers to the address on the document. The father directs him to Chad M., Gonk’s colleague, in New Mexico.

Bubnis steals a late model Cadillac for his chop shop contact and finds a prototype drum machine in the trunk that was to be delivered to an industrialist, Troon, in Houston, in return for $5 million. Bubnis decides to pose as the delivery man, Jeff Aru, and deliver the drum machine himself so he can collect the money and pay off his debts. He reluctantly allows Shen, Max and Emma to accompany him to New Mexico to find Chad M., while Gonk begins pursuing Bubnis. In the process, he encounters the Alco brothers and shoots them in the legs as a warning to keep away from Bubnis.

In New Mexico, Chad M. reveals the truth to the twins, pointing out that Shen resulted from the best genes, and spitefully denouncing Bubnis as having come from the "useless" genetic material, leaving Bubnis distraught. After Shen threatens him, Chad M. directs them to Santa Fe, where their mother lives in an art colony. Shen convinces Bubnis to regain his spirits and they continue their journey.

On the way to Santa Fe, the twins are accosted by the Alco brothers, but they fight them off for the last time. At the art colony in Santa Fe, a gardener informs Shen and Bubnis that their mother has died. They leave, unaware that the gardener was in fact Stephanie, who did not believe their story, having been told she only had one son who died at birth.

Abandoning Shen and the girls in New Mexico, Bubnis heads to Houston alone to deliver the prototype to Troon. Shen chases after Bubnis, sensing his whereabouts thanks to their telepathy and finds him seconds after the exchange with Troon. Gonk appears and kills Troon, demanding the money from Bubnis. Shen intercepts Gonk, allowing Bubnis to escape, but Bubnis returns and agrees to give Gonk the money to save Shen. Gonk decides to kill them anyway for seeing his face, but Bubnis, at Shen’s subtle prompting, kills him by unloading a heavy side chain onto his head and burying him.

Shen and Bubnis return both the prototype and $4 million (with Bubnis skimming $1 million) and use a $50'000 reward to pay off Bubnis’ debts and start a consulting firm. Their publicity reaches the art colony, and Stephanie learns that her sons are alive. She violently confronts Chad M. for concealing the truth and then tracks Shen and Bubnis down to their workplace, where they share a warm reunion.

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autechre ae: the brothers

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Zoolander 3: Pendulum and the Hv Moda

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On 2/16/2020 at 2:56 AM, Lada Laika said:

Sean pinned Rob against his studio wall, suddenly and forcefully. "Sean," Rob breathed. "What are you--"

"Shhh," Sean whispered. "I've waited too long." He ripped open the first layer of North Face jackets on Rob's body.

Rob began to squirm uncomfortably. He felt Sean's hot breath on his neck. "I don't think we shou--"

"Hush," Sean interrupted again, making another loud tear in the next layer of North Face Jackets. He liked how it sounded and made a mental note to sample it. "Just let it happen, Rob."


Sean clamped his hand over Rob's mouth. "If you tell anyone about this, I'm leaving Autechre." He grinned. "And then people will find out where all the talent comes from."

Rob looked at Sean in the eyes.

Sean said with a chuckle, "And we wouldn't want that, would we?"

Rob closed his eyes. Tears started to make their way down his face. He wanted so badly to wake up from this nightmare.

"Now," Sean continued. He had finally tore open the last North Face jacket. "I'm gonna gonk you. Hard."

"Please..." Rob sobbed. 

Sean turned Rob around and pushed him more against the wall. "You like that, huh? You like getting gonked?" His breath was getting ragged and heavy. 

Rob had an idea. "Oh yes, Sean..."

"Yeah, Rob? You like that I'm gonna gonk all over you?"

"Please Sean, gonk inside me!" Rob himself was panting. His drool left long streaks down the wall.

"Well," Sean laughed. "If you liked it so much..."

Sean backed away from Rob so it was easier for him to gonk everywhere. Sean said, "I'm glad you like it so much, Rob..."

"Oh Sean I love it! Turn around and I'll gonk all over *you.*"

"Yes Rob! Gonk all over me!" Sean gleefully turned around. He waited. And waited. After a couple moments, he turned around. "Hey, aren't you gonna--"

Rob was gone. 

Sean sprinted out of his home, into the street. He saw Rob sprinting down the road, leaving pieces of his jacket behind him. "I'm done with Autechre, nerd!" Sean called. "I warned you!"

"Oh yeah?" Rob called back. "Wait until the world knows which one of us made bnc castl!" 

Sean went white in his face. His stomach seemed to turn inside out and his almost lost his lunch of tea and crumpets. His career, no, his *life* was over. He went inside to wipe himself off, defeated and depressed. 

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In the future it will be more common for cisgender males to have babies. Maybe this could be part of Rob and Sean’s plans?


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Autechre: The Movie: The Ride

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