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  1. Yeap it’s here! Classy look, classy materials! Well done! Hard to say something new about this stellar release! The music is ultra modern but not sterile, quite emotional actually! Bravo guyz! 👏 Flawless mastering by Nil and Oscillik’s photography is beautiful as always!
  2. it sounds strange on bandcamp player, scooped somehow ... like it was mastered for the vinyl and just uploaded as digitals 😕
  3. Which model are those?
  4. ''noise music is the only genre where there's more artists than fans''
  5. xox


    Will probably be greater in the second part/movie. Also, showing a villain too much can spoil a movie like nothing else imo Still,,, todays trailers reveal too fakn much!!! But im a big fan of the books and lynch’s movie so i had to see this trailer
  6. And some don’t understand humor in that and chosen quotes 😉
  7. “have you ever been mistaken for a man?” - private hudson
  8. “look into my eye!” - sgt. apone
  9. “assholes and elbows!” - sgt. apone
  10. “how do i get out of this chickenshit outfit” - private hudson
  11. Yes, but mckwenlzy, being an artist himself, understands this concept of ‘objectivism’ very well, with transferring subjective decisions to a project or an universal idea
  12. Faqsakes ppl! Even the bros themselves said that when they can’t decide whose is going to be the final they ‘ask’ Autechre to decide? Meaning, they do what best suits the Ae universe!
  13. looks good to me
  14. And where was police?! Why didn’t police escorted them to their buses?! POS police!!! I’m so glad England lost just bc of their pussy fans and sport news reporters! Uuufff i wish i was there to fist-fight with those pussies! 🇮🇹
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