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  1. Apparently selective free speech is a thing these days
  2. So, this part of watmm is against free speech?! Wow nice
  3. All i know is that i like gummy bears and I don’t like mashed potatoes
  4. Yes, if my alive in 1994 (till 2094), then ae No, not music
  5. @prdctvsm @hello spiral can you provide a list pls; i can’t recognize majority of these records
  6. im not interested in the technical part much but the music is reaaaally good! never heard of her... so thnx! https://rojinsharafi.bandcamp.com/album/kariz
  7. Sounds interesting // …fun! Thnx
  8. death this, pain that! it seems to me that the majority of noise music (especially power electronics subgenre and similar) is related to death, murder, rape, child sex abuse and similar stuff and that's disgusting to me tbh; bc it's such a cheap and shallow and unidirectional and adolescent approach to noise music; i much prefer noise music that's less focused on the evil stuff, or at least when it has less explicit lyrics and track/album naming and album covers...
  9. Anything autechre is good enough to me
  10. Merzbow - Flash Demon (Autechre Dark Rmx)
  11. Understand! 👍👍 It’s always interesting to hear what ppl like about autechre, especially bc nothing youve mentioned is the reason why i like them and what’s important to me in music in general
  12. am i missing something or is ye angry with some music/fashion managers and spreading conspiracy theories bc according to him ppl that ''fuqqed him and his people'' in the business were apparently predominantly jewish?
  13. Gen is what I missed but I never had enough time to learn it myself so this book could push me back into max!
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