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  1. To bad we’ll never know who made subrange 6-36! ; _ ;
  2. Strange that watmm hasn’t tried to explain that from the standpoint of evolutionary psychology… i mean, how else can we justify any human behavior?! Probably no other way!
  3. The ugly truth is: all gamelan that I’ve heard so far is boring; interesting concept behind it but the music is boring imo
  4. The last time they were in Zagreb I tried to find them but they seemed to remain backstage the entire time and I didn’t want to be too intrusive by going back there; part of me was glad I didn’t meet them bc id probably hug them impulsively and they’d never come back to Croatia again 😆 i mean what to say to a stranger that means to you that much anyway? 😕
  5. Yeap! These are the activists we need! Damn future, you’re scary!
  6. @hello spiral yo the tapes get better with every listen
  7. @cichlisuite yo 🙂 do you really know the language? the mountains look beautiful! nice pics 👍
  8. @cruising for burgers looks like an interesting place; those derelicts are my kinda vibe 😉 …especially when im alone there
  9. And then nothing! That’s that lol
  10. >girls *girls* _intrlinked >motha *facka* _yeah_da interlinked
  11. Heh ive just bought the last record 🙂 p.s. that first track is beyond beautiful 💕🤌🌸
  12. Shouldn’t Tilda (~) Swinton be MaxMSP?
  13. He said that they made some tracks in renoise?! Which one?
  14. exactly! okokokok ... i know a lot about the topic bc thatz what i do for living and i can't blame ppl for not understanding this but watching ppl talk about psychiatry and psychology, about brain and personality functioning is like watching laymen talking about symbolic machine code and they feel entitled to tutor others just bc they own and use computers since forever
  15. Therez nearly 300 mental disorders listed in the DSM-5 and online communities accept only autism and to some degree bipolar ... both being misused and misdiagnosed in 99% of cases what youre describing can be explained in 100 different ways, ... including autistic spectrum... but including other disorders ... and including comorbidities ... but also including personality axis as in completely normal or neurotic or borderline or psychotic inter- and intrapersonal levels of functioning
  16. If nothing else i can say that i agree with him regarding noise music; i also like noise but not full retard noise
  17. My thoughts exactly
  18. Has anyone asked him about Villalobos finally?!
  19. xox

    Hanal Gig

    Hallal Gig
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