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Powell - aƒ18_flash across the intervals_lp / aƒ19_multiply the sides_lp


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So, not one but two new LPs from Powell, guess this is the new stuff that Sean from Ae was talking about in the Mixlr chat.


"today I release two albums of new music ➜ ‘flash across the intervals’ ± ‘multiply the sides’ ➜ these two records form part of a non-linear series of albums/collections that will be released over the course of the coming months ➜ I am releasing them on a new label/platform ✰ a ƒolder ✰ I have created with two people who have helped push me into different shapes over the last few years ↪︎ filmmaker, video designer and animator Michael Amstad ± visual artist Marte Eknæs ➜ I am grateful to them for giving me different ideas to relate to ± the confidence/courage to express according to criteria of our choosing ↱ consequently, this music constitutes just one stream in a flow of other things ↯ principally their beautiful H!-sensitive film work ↯ the first example of which can be viewed / navigated at our new √irtual home ➜ afolder.studio ⧉

thinking about it this morning ➜ it feels like the website is in fact the release, not the albums or the films ✰ a release that starts now and grows indefinitely ➜ a polyphonic outputting organism that can be perpetually inflated by the things we put inside a ƒolder ⧉ ✰ please note ✰ we make most of these things available for viewing/listening/exploration for free on the website ➜ but these two albums can be bought/streamed in H!-res exclusively via my Bandcamp [link in bio] until Friday, when they go live on all the usual streaming/download services ⧉

lastly ➜ I realise that anyone accustomed to the music I made a few years ago may be disoriented/confused by this torrent of new stuff ➜ equally I recognise that the people who are closest to me will find no surprises here at all ➜ it is simply an extension of a period in my life that I will always be grateful for ☀︎ in such uncertain times, I thank you for your support and hope you come to like some of the things we produce ⧉"



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