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Washed Out - Purple Noon


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out this Friday:




the tracks he's released so far remind me a little of of Within and Without - super polished and somewhat melancholic. and also perhaps a little too similar sounding, borderline background/wallpaper music.

looks like he's having some release events this weekend:


Washed Out will be hosting several virtual events, known collectively as Purple Noon Nights, for the album release weekend. Kicking off with a listening party on August 6th, he will perform with his live band via livestream on Friday with select songs from Purple Noon, following by an Instagram Live Q&A on Saturday and a Magic Hour Mix DJ set on Sunday. The listening party, full band set, and Magic Hour DJ set will all be broadcast live from Washed Out’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram TV, and Twitch accounts.


I used to think the Life of Leisure ep was the best thing he's done, but after the 2018 remaster of High Times with the extra tracks came out, I have to say that is by far my favorite release of his. I think Mister Mellow was a misstep, can't get into that one at all.

and another guy who gets associated with Ernest quite a bit is Toro y Moi. he recently re-released his 1st album, Causers of This, without the vocals - https://toroymoi.bandcamp.com/album/causers-of-this-instrumentals 


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Well.....it's bummer as fuck hahaha. It's good but I took it out for a walk and I was in a reasonably good mood at the outset. It just wrapped up and now I'm lost in the sauce of moods and the past lol. I have a hard time remembering a major key or chord across the entire record. Vaporwave Sade through 6 lbs. of wet reverb. I like Washed Out a lot and there will def be a time and place for this in his discography. 

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