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  1. Don't let that stop you it's a classic album, I always couldn't get enough of that track they did with Neil Rogorts 'Geet fortunate', what a song...
  2. What are the chances he's totally sold out Daft Punk style with an album full of ego driven 'artsy' features and music videos with a wired Nile Rodgers chewing his face off, dripping in sweat while aggressively thrusting to the beat? In fact, I hope that Nile Rodgers bit happens.
  3. Totally missed another comp. Just not had enough time lately to get any music made :( Sounds like another classic. BACARDI... AND COLA... !!!!
  4. In the middle of a move. But I'm in. So hopefully I'll get something done in time
  5. https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/z2d3ilhftmlh
  6. GET IT HERE https://miamihealthspa.bandcamp.com/album/explosive LISTEN HERE https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/destiny https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/pump-that-acid
  7. And you'd better hope they sound like fucking hardware, or else your dead to me killabyte... DEAD!
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