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  1. I ended up making a youtube playlist with the printworks show and the field day video and had it on loop all day. Decided to try and find a couple more "live" shows with decent board recordings to add to the playlist and I found this board recording from a festival in Wisconsin in 1994. The video only has a few hundred views so I figured I'd share it here: there's also a full tracklist in the description
  2. stone in focus is in my drum practice playlist so it was pretty cool to hear him mix it in with some beats
  3. I'm gonna need me to hear a copy of this limited vinyl aslap
  4. guest mix by phonecia including some new sounds & hinting at upcoming release on omnidisc. Mix starts around the 1hr mark:
  5. they just visit to satiate themselves in the most jammin alien music around
  6. housecleaning on a Saturday morning mix:
  7. after President Trump buys Greenland for America, I'm going to buy some land there and build a church
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