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  1. 49min mark on Berlin is some of the dopest bathtub fart beats I've heard in a minute
  2. halfway thru Dublin set and shit has been banging
  3. been addicted to their song "sad bitch" for the last couple years, thx for exposing me to another. Really dope loud
  4. never let your dick get the best of you
  5. Mentally preparing for a trip to the supermarket tomorrow. I've sketched up a quick schematic of the building and how to strategically maneuver throughout the store as efficiently as possible. I also plan on being there waiting when they open.
  6. I hope they come out with a new album that's about 3 months long
  7. guai lo is my jam this kid drummers mom sang a rage song since they are in quarantine, I loved it
  8. https://happymag.tv/uranus-has-started-leaking-gas-nasa-scientists-confirm/
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