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  1. I just noticed that large negative reputation on Joyrex and was trying to find somewhere in his profile where I could give him a thumbs up or something
  2. 😈 Satan loves the little children 👿
  3. guy on reddit compiled new stuff:
  4. Bloodborne board game was fully funded in 17 minutes: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/bloodborne-the-board-game?ref=63ohq6
  5. the wakenblake dude said he was missing aphex 2nd weekend set for Tipper and friends.
  6. i doubt afx will allow coachella to livecast his set due to unreleased tracks becoming available in soundboard quality. God damn I want to head to the airport and catch tomorrows set.
  7. Wow thanks for doing some mastering and uploading, I think I need that first track separated so I can play it on repeat for a few weeks.
  8. What you mean? Delay and feedback of the synths sounds? Delay and feedback on the drums, to build up the "snare rush", or to inhibit the dancers into a sense of euphoria, then cutting the fx out when you want the beat to kick in strong and blow up the dance floor. Just a guess, friend.
  9. the first 20 min sounds like live drum twiddling over drumless tracks. But with the actual drum machines, as opposed to my noob twiddling with rebirth back in the 90s. But the delay and feedback tweedles are apparent. And he definitely worked that shit.
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