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  1. arrived today via royal mail from bleep, shipped a week ago Friday
  2. was shipped last Friday, hoping today is the day. Getting nervous.
  3. after listening through the album at home I took it for a drive and ended up listening to X4 3x in a row. After a few listens I'd feel comfortable putting it in a playlist with my favorite ae songs.
  4. I am flying through clouds at the speed of sound listening to x4 wow that ending to x4, these fuckers got me again.
  5. from 10:00 on in ecol4 is badonkadonk as fuck, can't wait to take a drive with this one
  6. si00 is the most sinister metronome to have a jam too, I love it. I've also had some fun sessions in the drum room with gr4 on repeat for over an hour. The groove in there, and the wide-open spaces to play with takes me on an adventure. It also gives me the most classic 90's ae vibe of the album.
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