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  1. nice, I've have that Marconi Union remix in my drum practice playlist for the past couple months, cool to see it get a proper release and looking forward to hearing the rest.
  2. sci-fi musical directed by Saul Williams:
  3. hajime no ippo. I only have about 10 ep left so I'm savoring them. What a great cast of characters. The music/sound fx were a surprise stand out in terms of creativity and especially humor.
  4. expensive, but worth it. I have vivid memories of the first time I heard this album, my buddy had just picked up the cd the day it released and we drove around listening to it. I remember repeating the beginning of lunatic harness with the beatboxing over and over. One of those mind-altering realizations of how limitless music creativity could be. I listened to the album every day on my bus/metrorail/peoplemover commute to work in downtown Miami that summer. Can't believe it's been 25 years.
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