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  1. anti-fomo defense systems engaged ah, what a beautiful album. I'm sure a lot of fans have been waiting for a fresh pressing of this classic. I'm looking forward to some new aphex this year.
  2. skee mask NTS. Entire mix is his material including unreleased.
  3. anyone follow the current beef between kendrick & drake? Kendrick has released 3 or 4 songs in the last few days, but I keep coming back to this beat. So simple but progressively menacing the more it plays. The lyrics are very creative and disrespectful, but an instrumental version is desirable.
  4. all three are beautiful, but that 2nd one, wow. The views, every window looks like a painting. Best of luck!!
  5. ya I think OPN was the only highlight, the deftones mix sounded horrible to me.
  6. OPN live starts around 1 hr 25 minutes back from the time of this post. I enjoyed.
  7. Deftones going on at 6:45pm pacific/1:45am GMT
  8. any artists or developers integrating AI into any form of human art should be rounded up and tortured. And the torture should be made available for the world to see and hopefully learn from.
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