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  1. I am also in a holding pattern waiting on the record to arrive. I'm an idiot tho, for some reason I had it stuck in my head that this was releasing on the 20th. So Monday came & went, and I must have checked the mail a dozen times expecting it to show up. Finally ended up checking info and realizing my mistake I basically erased all memories of squarepusher from my mind for the time being. But now they are slowly creeping back in & I can't wait to saturate myself in some new music.
  2. it should be queued up to where she turns into a chicken and then does a beautiful barrel roll. It's actually beautiful.
  3. ultimate kick drum sample pack
  4. lovely, video gives me nostalgia of toys I had when I was a kid called muscle men. Sick track & vid.
  5. lovely, video gives me nostalgia of toys I had when I was a kid called muscle men. Sick track & vid.
  6. another important tool is a program called path of building. I was pretty reluctant to get into this as well but now I find myself spending a lot of time theory crafting builds. It's a considerable help as well.
  7. Grim Dawn is awesome. I played poe on and off for years and could never get into it either. I finally gave in a few seasons ago and followed a "league starter guide". It really helped me get more into the game. Some good news, Path of exile 2 is coming out this year and it's also going to help a lot with the learning curve for getting into the game.
  8. such intrigue, I must persist in my abstinence to cheat the laws of release dates
  9. more like will he ever put out a bad record? The answer is definitively no.
  10. I have 125hrs clocked in the last 2 weeks since the new metamorph league started in Path of Exile. And I recently bought myself one of the new supporter packs which is driving my addiction further. They recently shared a video montage of a few playermade hideouts: I've been putting some work into my hideout lately, it's nowhere near these levels of effort & creativity, but I'm digging it.
  11. I've held off on El Camino. You think it makes for a perfect ending to Breaking Bad? I really liked how the original series ended so I've been avoiding watching El Camino. Also a part of me is savoring it some.
  12. was record shopping back when and I was suggested to listen to the demon eps. Funny part is I listened to them at the wrong speed, and it stuck. Same with aemic beta & aleph. My ears can't accept them sped up at the normal speed. This was around the time some friends & I were sniffing ketamine and zoning out to chiastic slide & cichlisuite slowed down, as well as normal speed boc. It all kind of worked together to create a mind-blowing time in music.
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