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  1. Did my monthly grocery shopping this morning. I was the only person wearing a mask, customer or employee.
  2. Binged the first 2 seasons of Haikyuu!! on Netflix, then 3rd season and first half of season 4 on Crunchyroll. It's anime about a hs volleyball team. And I am eagerly anticipating the rest of season 4 that's due in July. Shoyo Hinata is my spirit animal.
  3. seeing all those skaters put hope in my heart
  4. It's such a special treat to see John McLaughlin playing the guitar again. I know he retired a few years ago due to arthritis. It warms my heart. Not to mention all these other absolute rippers. Jam starts a few minutes in:
  5. watched the new Chappelle this morning. My only complaint is I wish it was longer. That man can move mountains with his words.
  6. nice the abasi guitars are new too me, I know he used to have guitars made for him by Ibanez I think? But these new models look pretty sweet. Also it's really cool to see Tosin posting these little peeks into his playing style.
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