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  1. I don't want to have to wait until November to hear more. After 3 listens I have to hear more.
  2. 45 and still destroying concrete & minds
  3. it's for you and so is the enjoyment making it
  4. email I received Friday: Hi All, Writing to give an update on your bandcamp orders.. Firstly our sincerest apologies that your order hasn’t been shipped yet, and for not informing you about the CD edition that has been holding the process up. Unfortunately there was a production error from the plant on the CD sleeves, and getting them all re-printed has been subject to several delays now, resulting in some very stressful weeks. It seems the whole industry is backlogued and under immense pressure, combined with shortages of labor and materials. The current status is that we are still waiting for the stock, which we were told would arrive by the beginning of August. I’m hopeful that this is the last delay, and the next message from us will be a shipping confirmation.. In the meantime, thanks for your patience, and for supporting artists and labels directly. All the best, LS x
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