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  1. today was a good day
  2. jeez those drums in the first minute:
  3. this island seems pretty sweet
  4. this seems like the best thread to post this, was watching beatport twitch channel(that happens to be playing ridiculous old school jungle atm: twitch.tv/beatportofficial but more importantly they're having a contest for anyone to turn in a 20 minute mix with some nice prizes, figured maybe someone here could benefit from this: https://bigbreak.beatport.com/
  5. FabulousDarlingDromaeosaur-mobile.mp4 time-lapse of planet sized lava swells on the sun. Also looks like they could use some lawn maintenance.
  6. oh shit plays bsides are on the 10", that's actually great! My copy of plays is barely listenable these days, I really treated my wax like shit as a young jit.
  7. my copy is so worn, been waiting for this ❤️
  8. the one track I played thousands of times more than any other on the album, that shit is ingrained into my soul
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