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  1. niiiice, this album was influential to me & some homies
  2. My mind goes through increasingly erratic intervals of thoughts when I lay down to sleep and I've learned that I can't have silence or else it becomes deafening. Music doesn't work for me because I become to engaged and don't want to sleep, same with movies(unless it's a movie I've seen numerous times). What works for me is a single persons voice talking a lot. Standup comedy works some but what works the best is listening to a mega nerd. One example I can give is Sean Caroll on youtube. His "biggest ideas in the universe" series. I like this series inparticlar because he also uses
  3. Highlighting the people & culture of Myanmar with some glorious skating and cinematography.
  4. Grey wolves are no longer on the endangered list, so I guess hunters need to fix that?
  5. cds arrived today with some good timing because I have to make a trip into town and the vehicle is my favorite headphones
  6. currently binging Australian reality show The Block and just heard a snippet of Alberto Balsalm used perfectly for dramatic effect
  7. rest in peace Chick, got to see RTF live in the late 00's and with a good friend who is also gone and have always cherished that experience.
  8. I remember we would have some intense 2v2 matches, we only played in the temple, and the only rule was nobody could use oddjob
  9. rest in peace, didn't know you but I respected the hell out of your musicianship
  10. if you use the vaped duff in brownies or anything with chocolate, it helps mask that burnt aftertaste.
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