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  1. my power was just out for 24 hrs, and now that it's back on I'm here reading this shit. I'm such a fucking bloody bastard fucking fuck. No, you fuck fucking fuck bloody.
  2. I love that this guy was playing Nate Dogg's chorus on the bass, rest in peace.
  3. eprom & jungle breaks, yes please. That last 1.5 minutes is surprisingly tranquil
  4. them boys is good
  5. ae mix part 2, the whole thing is great, but at the 40 minute mark and onward is dance floor bliss
  6. ya, It's been a nice wind down on a Sunday night after the storm
  7. I'm all in for 2hrs of Rhythm & Sound
  8. what a chill 2hrs with boc, sad to see it ending. But then ae is next so wooohooo!!
  9. Hell Interface levels of remixing going on around here
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