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  1. what could this mean? dont think i can look at soundclog any longer though for the mo :) soundclog? Is he going to stop for the moment? or for the morning? Goddamn am I excited
  2. Do I need to quote full posts too to be cool?
  3. It will be a little Bonsai tree that you can set up in your living room which will sing you nice little piano melodies and will slowly grow a very fancy british face complete with the iconic beard and the slightly off-looking occasional haircut.
  4. I hope that someday he'll just continue uploading the next few eras of music on Soundcloud. Would be great. Edit: Holy shit Jobe
  5. Something like the Korg Volca Sample maybe? A mixture of a modular analogue synthesizer/drum machine mixed with the possibility of a sampler connected to WATMM with an open library of Aphex and fan-collected samples. That would be cool.
  6. Seems like he might've not uploaded .wavs to Soundcloud but the actual 128kbps files. Maybe.
  7. Yeah that's exactly what I mean. He sits there replying to odd questions and to himself.. Oh well, I can't complain really. Still waiting for the 2000 era though, I bet that stuff is sicker than anything yet.
  8. He could just tell us if he's done uploading really. I'm still sitting here refreshing the page once in a while which feels odd to be honest
  9. Man, Richard's drunk. That is hilarious. Hope he uploads some unreleased track for a second, would be great.. hehe
  10. 7 ∂ƒ∆ is so good. gives me the special heacy night time train rain feelings.
  11. Tonight feels so empty. Wish he did the next era. Maybe tomorrow. Still, it was a blast so far.
  12. I hope this doesn't mean it's over my favorite RDJ is 2001 tunes
  13. That is so odd. I like him though. Need to check it out at night time, might be more fitting then.. Still a bit weird. The dude? Ambient? I'll have to drink a White Russian to that.
  14. I just watched the extended edition of the original Lord Of The RIngs trilogy and it is hilarious how much better it is than The Flobbit. This is weird though, why'd they cut it if the new one isn't even out yet? Did they use no single scene from it?
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