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  1. Today I let my avatar speak for me.
  2. Whoa, WATMM looks pretty sweet this way.
  3. Weird. http://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/comments/2dzwoe/concerning_the_message_from_u1800jesus69_going/ Someone go to St Michael's Mount in Cornwall.
  4. "Syro release is tomorrow!" I can dream, goddamnit
  5. wait, what is that after the logo? Darkside? Numbers? I don't think it has anything to do with Aphex but it's odd, the thing above the DARKSIDE text looks like TPB.
  6. Thank you, Richard. I'm sure I'll be more than pleased with your newest work.
  7. that's his girlfriend, isn't it. must be a blissfull track.
  8. Imagine waking up in your bed in 5 minutes and realising you were dreaming all along. Welcome to the Matrix, motherfucker.
  9. https://twitter.com/AphexTwin TOR link that quickly got decoded decoded? lol, it's a link, no decoding needed Yeah, but it can only be used in browsers that can access .onion sites (such as Tor). Correct, sherlock :-)
  10. https://twitter.com/AphexTwin TOR link that quickly got decoded decoded? lol, it's a link, no decoding needed
  11. Those are BPM lol oh. I am an idiot. thanks.
  12. what's with the tracks though. 102-163, does this mean the longest tracks is like 2 and a half minutes long? (I hope there'll be a cunningham video in with this, hehe)
  13. Sweet :) I'm not one of the lucky first few, so can anyone tell me if you did get a bonus with it? Like.. some.. news. Just wondering. This is more than enough for the moment.
  14. Sometimes I hate living in Europe. Where is Joyrex from? Like, in how many hours does he get up?
  15. Yeah, we all want it to sound great, but let's be honest here - Most of us were expecting a release on Friday. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that I've been waiting for this day all week. And I'm surely not the only one. It's like telling your child that christmas has been postponed for one or two days.
  16. This feels a bit like Christmas. Come on Rephlex. (If there's a chance they find something that fucked with the record, do you think they'll have to rip it again? That would be horrible. Oh god. )
  17. Yeah, I'm aware of the downloads section. It's not like the links are working. There's no outtakes on there either :-)
  18. Thought he is talking about the general download post innit? what "general download post"?
  19. LOL, how could I? The digital files aren't back from the studio - yet. Trust me, when I hear it at long last, I WILL TELL EVERYONE HOW AWESOME IT IS. *Goes back listening to... something* Oh you bastard, Joyrex. Stop teasing!! Or .. continue. I don't mind really. We'll have "something" in a few days I presume.
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