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  1. I decided to release a couple of jams that I made over past year during lockdown. Two are analord inspired acid jams and two are ambient thingies. https://borisclitoris.bandcamp.com/album/rona-jams
  2. Meh, I just want to hear the music that he made on it... The bits used in the promo vids sound interesting.
  3. I just watched the goosebumps intro and it really reminded me of CCAI2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PkFLTfID_o
  4. Is there any chance that that one polnomial-c acid redo he did live on day for night will be released on this album, according to the track lengths? Obviously not when you look at the titles. Maybe he'll upload it as one of the bonus tracks on the bleepstore? I think I remember him talking about that track in one of the comments on there, but I don't remember where that was.
  5. Have you guys seen that on Bleep, all other aphex records (except for the ones that already mainly feature the logo) also have gotten the Collapse treatment?
  6. is there already a decent rip out there?
  7. Does anybody else feel that fieldday track 1, sequentix track and korg funk 5 would be a really nice release?
  8. He released an 11(!) track record. a whole show live streamed as well. No polynomial. This was aphex in full cunt mode. Brutal shit beginning to end. Holy shit! or is it just more one-note noisy beat tracks DFN?
  9. I've not been behind my computer all week. what happened? (sorry, too lazy to read through all the pages) Did he release a record at the festival like at the day for night thing? Something about a livestream? where can I listen/see this? Did he do Polynomial-C acid mix? Can someone PM me? I'm panicing I missed out on all this excitement
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