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    Go Corbyn

    So what does everyone think of the current situation with the infighting? Realistically, Corbyn is going to become leader again by a huge landslide if there is another leadership contest.
  2. The more I listen to this album the more I think of how lazy it sounds. I just know that Plaid are highly skilled and capable of pulling off some really impressive music which develops and evolves but Digging Remedy is not meeting those typical standards. Their recent output pre-Digging Remedy was simply flawless Scintilli - lots of complex patterns overlapping in a unique way that only Plaid can pull off so well. Consistent sound palette that doesn't meander too much. Lush epic tracks like founded, at last and upgrade. Reachy Prints - the majority of the tracks go to new places and evolve really well. Again, epic tracks like Nafovanny, Wallet and Ropen. Really clear example of lots of effort and thought put into the release overall. But then when I listen to Digging Remedy, I get lots of tracks with very simplistic structures, simplistic patterns, with little to no evolution (exceptions in my mind are CLOCK and Melifer)
  3. nulls is not that great wow I really think Plaid's recent output here is not that good besides a handful of tracks :(
  4. Melifer is coming out as a favourite on this release Simple classic Plaid tones but still very captivating Majority of the album is still needing to grow on me. It's interesting how they're using guitar on this album to create an easy listening experience. To me it doesn't flow too well as an album e.g. CLOCK is totally out of place. That sound palette offered in CLOCK is reminiscent of Reachy Prints. Yu Mountain also sticks out like a sore thumb amongst all of the easy listening guitar riff tracks. Feels more like a compilation of tracks rather than a flowing album experience. Some tracks just go nowhere at all like Dilatone. No evolution in the track. It's okay to repeat something but as long as that loop is interesting enough to keep going for almost 4 minutes. Not as good as Reachy Prints so far. Most tracks on Reachy Prints developed into something and evolved and went somewhere special. The 'epicness' of some of the tracks from Reachy Prints like Ropen and Nafovanny are missing in The Digging Remedy (maybe CLOCK is an exception as that feels pretty epic to me and very memorable).
  5. it was a lot clearer I thought - all of the elements in the track were - undoubtedly cleaned up the soundcloud version of Cheetah3
  6. The preview on Amazon which appeared briefly sounded a lot clearer and crisper than the Cheetah released on soundcloud - so yes it will sound stunning to the ears and it does sound mastered
  7. the new album doesn't sound as pleasing to my ears as Reachy Prints but I'm going to give it a bit more time
  8. It's really hard to read the text on the flyer - even when you zoom in Sounds like the Cheetah EP comes with a softsynth?
  9. When I listen to Lone, I want to escape into a land of lushness - not gangland bullshit
  10. ah terrible video for a lovely track - depressing visually
  11. good opening track but doesn't come close to the lushness of CLOCK
  12. Dale

    elseq 1-5

    feels likes a very 'live' track - could easily be dropped in a live set with its intense moments towards the end of the track
  13. Dale

    elseq 1-5

    Seriously why are you so hung up on physical? I just don't understand the temptation.
  14. Dale

    elseq 1-5

    current faves are actually on the elseq 1 - 13x0 step pendulu hv moda curvcaten
  15. this is not new ae though - it's from one of their recent live sets that has been released.
  16. it's almost 9pm UK time - so basically listen now
  17. what is going on pls sir? sumtin... That previous one was a joke tho (obvs) should we be F5ing tonight or is this 'thing' happening later?
  18. one hopes for Quaristice live set release
  19. It's a grower for me. I'm not a huge RH fanboy, but I really enjoyed In Rainbows. This new one isn't as immediate for me though.
  20. good god this is so fucking surreal, it's perfect I've watched it a number of times, especially for the duck sounds timestretched
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