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  1. Big fan of TH too - I actually hope they evolve that sound for the next album in some way. It suits the current political climate.
  2. After repeated listens now, the tracks on the album still excite me today. His most technically proficient release so far.
  3. One of his best records I think.
  4. I really hope that Richard decides to upload all of the Analord series (including bonus tracks) for download
  5. oscillik - do you know if he is working on a new release at the moment?
  6. Dale

    Most Evil Ae Moment?

    Not so much an 'evil' moment, but a slightly creepy moment to me is when you hear what sounds like an alien voice at 0:35 of Zeiss Contarex
  7. I love this - especially 'Matt's Happy Song' and 'David's Dream Journal'
  8. Reznor's most exciting era of creativity is long gone now....
  9. I'm thinking about downloading the video, opening the audio track in Audition, and then having a look at specpectrogram to see if there's any difference in the background noise. If there is it should be super easy to spot if it was edited in. please do this and report back here
  10. great quality recording, besides the talking in the crowd near the end
  11. countdown is probably for release of Melodies from Mars, as per Joyrex's hints all along
  12. I'm surprised no one has listened to the record yet and posted their thoughts on the music - there must be a central London based watmmer who can run back to their house for a quick listen!?
  13. I remember when Syro was released, someone used this clip and superimposed Richard's face and the Aphex logo on the computer screen he's looking at - does anyone have the link so I can lol again?
  14. I'm not against nationalising rail in principle, as railways are natural monopolies it's quite difficult to actually create a properly functioning market for them. Having said that, the history of public ownership of the rail system in the UK isn't particularly encouraging. The current system, while hardly perfect, is nowhere near as bad as what came before. I don't see why it matters where the profits go, they provide a service, if they can make a profit while doing so fair play to them. If they're not providing an adequate service then the government should be able to enforce rules to ensure they do or they don't get paid, if that doesn't happen the solution is to create a system that does do that, not nationalise everything. Rail fares have increased by 56% since 2006 Enough said.
  15. oi m8, we need a strong and stable government for us plebs
  16. We need a strong and stable government
  17. There are actually lots of good ideas in the Labour manifesto, in all seriousness
  18. This is true. A STRONG and STABLE government will help boost prosperity around the nation.
  19. Wasn't MFM meant to have been released by now?
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