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  1. Favourite Aphex set. Excellent venue and there was loads of space to dance down the sides.
  2. Really enjoying this! Lots of noodly intricacy and melodic touches that keep my ears interested. I'm pleased he's left the beats off and there's a new Two Fingers release in the works which should satisfy that craving.
  3. Off topic and kinda lame, but can anyone clarify why you/other people think that's his wife and not his girlfriend?
  4. err...no. does you has ears?
  5. I'll give you sixteen pubes, an old rupee note that's no longer in circulation and a handjob behind the bike shed. do we have a deal?
  6. I would love to see Aphex in NYC! I hope he plays his gnarly remix of Run The Place Red!
  7. Bob Lazar: Area 51 And Flying Saucers (2018) Evelyn Three Identical Strangers
  8. Techno vibes with Chris Liberator and Jerome Hill in N4
  9. It isn't. My friend bought one, it's a rather nice and sturdy brolly that's robust and evidently well-made.
  10. I condone drugs. They can be great fun and an interesting way to expand your mind.
  11. Love that track, it's great that Richard has added it to Drukqs!
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