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  1. Nothing has been released yet. Interesting vid you posted btw,
  2. true. i guess from the interview it sounds more like a mid existential crisis crisis than anything.
  3. that dark slide doesn't even compute. how does one look at a ledge like that and even consider it? was just watching this section earlier and really enjoyed it. Especially @8:10
  4. DTP is over with and this next album sounds like it will be sketchy ride through Dev's midlife crisis. Three different drummers, Mike Keneally, a cameo from fucking Chad Kroeger himself and some of the worst looking merchandise and asinine song descriptions I have ever heard of. Somehow I'm actually really excited for this.
  5. Super excited for the Oculus Quest No fucking cables, six degrees of freedom with inside out tracking and you get two touch controllers with it? I hope this thing lives up to the hype and has a decent amount of launch titles with it. The only downside I'm hearing is that the processing power isn't much greater than that of the GO's.
  6. In the original game, actions taken during the first playthrough would affect the second. For example, the availability of certain items may be altered, so I'm wondering if they do the same in the remake? Items are in different locations and doors are open that were closed on initial playthrough. I even started in an area I never got to visit with Leon, though I doubt there will be many new locations. Does it have the extra costumes and weapons for the 2nd play thru like the original? Yeah I won some alternate costumes for Claire and Leon that closely resemble the outf
  7. Just got back from Mexico a little bit ago. It was a great experience and I wish I could return to check this out but I'm in financial purgatory atm. A Mexican exclusive would be cool as fuck but I think Richard has since chilled with the rare releases post-Japan, right? It's probably not in the cards.
  8. Hereditary Can't remember who but someone recommended I watch this a while back. It seems like a pretty polarizing film around here but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was shot well, Toni Collette's performance was fucking great, did a good job of building suspense and had great payoff at the end. Best horror film I've seen in a while.
  9. Vinyl finally arrived at the house the other day. No bent corners.
  10. Finally beat RE2 on normal setting with Leon. Almost had to resort to finishing it in assist mode but wouldn't buckle. As a result I had to fucking go back and beat a boss I already beat again while conserving more ammo just to net an extra 5 shotgun shells to help me beat the final guy. Damn this game is tough. A proper throwback to the original 3 games in the series. It's a shame they couldn't get this in VR as it would have been about 10x as terrifying. Just tried doing 2nd run with Claire and it appears it's significantly more difficult this time around.
  11. so THAT's what Secret Beach is about then cool. that really clears things up.
  12. After getting out of the freezing cold to zipline through the trees, swim with dolphins, snorkel the sea, visit ancient Mayan ruins and just generally have a great fucking time I was pretty sad to return home. But behold, new albums from Rolando Simmons, Ochre and zvλd are all available to listen to days after my return. Life is good, and so is this album.
  13. ^hell yeah. video is equally as hypnotic as the song too.
  14. How is TE on PSVR? I want to get it, but I really need to chill on buying so many video games. Especially because the holidays are right around the corner.
  15. Astrobot for PSVR when I first got it I thought I would fire it up and play a bit. 2 days later I finally beat it. It's incredible. So much more fun than flat earth gaming could ever hope to be at this point. Red Dead 2 is pretty cool though.
  16. wait for the new material to become old so you can enjoy that too
  17. I really hope a VR Weirdcore+Aphex video sees the light of day at some point
  18. Swap out ICBYD with SAW1 and I'm 100% on board Anyways, EP keeps getting better and this thread keeps getting worse.
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