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  1. I think the thing destiny 2 really gets right is the feel of the shooting don't care about the story or the costumery which mostly looks silly to me I hope titanfall 3 is as good as the first 2
  2. This is the best shit since the tuss/drukqs era. I think collapse might be my least favourite but they’re all great.
  3. pro evolution soccer 19 not sure its an improvement over last year's
  4. I quite like the andy daly pilot podcast project
  5. i also thought this was a thread about ^
  6. DJ store DJ DJ installation fart
  7. Tuinorizn is kind of goofy. Maybe that’s not the right word though. I love it to bits
  8. maybe its my ridiculous expectations but i think i'm disappointed. i hate that voiceover - it sounds like the fat guy protagonist from the most recent GTA and it looks a bit like a cyberpunk version of GTA hoping i'm very wrong
  9. wonder if tinymixtapes will publish some tangentially related diary pages and call it a review
  10. whoever it is i'd like to hear more tracks from them
  11. i'm sure his name was gel mibson
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