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  1. the water wars will make the oil wars look like the...
  2. "I'll be gone in the dark" fucking chilling. documentary about the east area rapist/original night stalker/golden state killer. details the book written by patton oswalt's wife and all the work she and others did. the 70s were pretty insane w/serial rapists and murderers. one of the detectives recounts 15 or so different rapists who were raped 30 or 40 women.
  3. ignatius

    Rob pls

    any way to skip ahead to release day? time travel possible?
  4. could be. also, could get help from a trump superpac or something.
  5. he's going to have a hard time getting on the ballot in most/any states.. already deadlines have passed. you need to get signatures to get on the ballot in most states. some have fees which isn't an issue.. but CA and FL you need almost 200,000 signatures and the deadline for that is like a week or two or three from now. https://ballotpedia.org/Deadline_to_run_for_president#Independent_candidates ☠️
  6. until he goes full cult of jesus evangelical entrepreneur real estate developer in chief. also, this is hashtag is trending
  7. I was. Used my GF’s iMac for internet. Was the OG all in one. Actually shared some tracks there by mailing cdrs. Tons of people were on that list. A bunch of people on idm list migrated to em411 when it became a thing. I’m still friends with maybe 10+ people I met on em411. A bunch in portland and San Diego. Was a scene for a few years that had many irl meet ups.
  8. this looks awful even in non-covid times.
  9. protesters run over on closed freeway in the wee hours july 4th. the footage was capture onvideo. hard to watch. not gonna post it. https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2020-07-04/2-women-hit-by-car-on-seattle-highway-closed-amid-protests edit: she died. 😞
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/hkwk7g/someone_knows_what_to_do_with_his_fart/
  11. zonies is what people in san diego call the seasonal summer visitors from arizona. doesn't seem like social distancing is being practiced.
  12. old news perhaps but wtf.
  13. https://www.wantedinrome.com/news/private-jet-with-us-tourists-rejected-at-italys-borders.html https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/coronavirus/article243985782.html
  14. rollercoaster week of side effects and sedation hangover.. ewwwwww bboyyyy... wtf weirdness is this. tuesday was tired and sort of nicely post sedation after endoscopy. wednesday was like uber fucking miserable for whatever reason. thursday felt pretty good. even go tsome shit done. today felt like i ran a marathon yesterday. legs week as fuck. eye's like buried in my head wrapped in tired skin. shit is weird. had 2 cups of coffee now feeling somewhat better but wouldn't mind a nice soak in a sensory deprivation tank or something. some way to disassociat brain from body. also trying to mix this short track i've been messing with and wanting to punch the bassdrum in the dick. otherwise it's a nice shorty diddy of simple lush things.. strings, bass, drums, fx.. fireworks started this week.. little dribbles of pops at night. .last night someone went off and blew up a bunch. pretty annoying.. wish they'd just do it on the holiday and move on.. but they tend to slope and then away from the 4th of july.. so we'll have some shit next week too. i think thats all the complaining i'm capable of.
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