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  1. go get tested. they can do it in office. rapid test. takes like 10 minutes or something. probably any clinic can do it. if you tell them you think you have strep when you make an appointment it helps streamline the process. i had strep so many times as a kid and a few times as an adult. it's sucks and can turn into scarlet fever if you don't deal w/it. if you do have strep ask for the Z-Max antibiotic. it's all doses at once in a powder form. you mix it w/water and drink it and that's it. wipes it out. by the next day you'll be much better. Z-pack is the heavy antibiotic for strep but you have to take pills for days and i found the Z-max to be way more effective and faster.
  2. andy ngo is a fucking hack.
  3. Gilles: ‘It Starts With Coffee’ but Ends With ‘Forced Vaccinations’
  4. social media has also made it so everyone has to have an opinion on everything at all times in case they get asked about it. i think there's some mass delusion that the opinions on all the things will be aired on TMZ or the View or go viral in a video and blah blah and then they'll have to defend their opinions or some such bullshit. i think there's a level of ignorance that is truly bliss. it's possible to be informed about the important shit and aware and making informed decisions w/o having to know about 3000 twitter spats over really dumb shit... but maybe this is what people talk about when they hang out w/their friends? "did you hear that chloe kardashian isn't really a billionaire? and that when bob hope farts plasma comes out?"
  5. the church is to kanye as bernie madoff was to kevin bacon/Kyra sedgwick also, who bets that kanye got 100% permission for all those clips in the youtube video? not that it matters anymore... btw wtf w/that video. sTrOng cLeAr MeSsAgE
  6. i watched a bit of the BET awards the other night and the host mentioned that "Terry Crews was not available.. i'm not surprised" and i didn't know what that was about but I guess in the black community there's something sour about him in some circles???
  7. no idea who that is. never heard of him. glad i haven't. as for right wing nutters going to a friendly platform.. there is one already. it's called GAB https://gab.com
  8. another day at the laughing factory Donald Trump said on Monday that Republican voters who do not support him are "stupid," and cited his campaign's internal polling to predict he will win a second term. https://www.independent.co.uk/us-election-2020/trump-polls-latest-approval-rating-republicans-2020-election-second-term-a9591886.html?utm_source=reddit.com also Panicked Trump aides apparently tried to get him to delete 'white power' tweet for 3 hours https://theweek.com/speedreads/922781/panicked-trump-aides-apparently-tried-delete-white-power-tweet-3-hours
  9. i think it was mostly about total blindness/cognitive dissonance when it comes to trump and outright hysteria about obama and benghazi.. hence the totally wacky graph.
  10. posted this in the BLM thread but here too i guess.
  11. 2020 keeps one upping itself. just when i think "this shit is weird" it gets weirder.. i mean.. how many times is shit gonna go over a cliff?
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