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  1. Sweet as! Surficially, it demonstrates a classic Freudian psychoanalysis client-therapist relationship and various concepts that originally sprung from Freud's work- resistance, transference, latent thoughts, dream analysis and interpretation, etc. But most interesting are the demonstrations of the "what if" questions it asks: What if our dreams became our reality? What if we could actually manifest our unconscious desires into reality? What if we could reform reality (i.e. "play god", as referenced in the title of the film, and perhaps a quip on altering our subjective experience)?
  2. I cannot get past this film. So many interwoven themes and ideas, beautifully done.
  3. Unrelated but a firecracker, loving that jaunty rhythm and flutes...
  4. holy shit I wish this was still around. I remember being addicted to this! Can't find it anywhere now though. Absolute beast of a rescore.
  5. ....but pretty much all of Exai just thrusts me into the abyss straight-up no fucking around on that album.
  6. some weird fucken ritualistic monastery monk march with purple skies overhead. love it.
  7. yo, which tracks just slam your face into a wall? the opening to IO just smashes me hard. fucking disaster on planet jupiter. pen expers and augmatic disport just don't fuck around, just straight into it. love it.
  8. I'm on my third university degree right now. Geological Science > Hydrogeology (postgrad) > Counselling and Psychotherapy (postgrad). Bit of a leap on the last one. Very tired of the earth science field and how all the jobs are pinned to the mining industry, which in Australia is full of dickheads. Still working as a geoscientist now, but it's rapidly moving into data science which is far outside my life interests. The money has been great, but it ain't the be all end all. The job and money is not satisfying at all and does not align with core values. Helping people on a personal le
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