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  1. probably more on the ambient and less on the glitch, but this stuff is moving me into other places. Very similar to Global Communication at times. https://c1ph3r.bandcamp.com/
  2. Great demo!! Someone recently put it to me:: "In 5 years time you'll be hearing the Microcosm on every fucking track. Instant classic." It's a really fucking delicious box. The subtle granular textures are beyond sublime, and I'm a big fan of the ambient random weirdness it does. It does what it says on the tin. Creates unreal microcosms of sound. Looking forward to other Hologram products in the future if this the game they bring.
  3. look at the previous post in this thread.
  4. hey mate. Good question! I love the Microcosm. I'm really about bang-for-buck hardware, and this thing is certainly that. Yeah, nice phrase looper, but damn it has a lot more going for it. It's excellent for textured soundscapes, sonic washes, wall-of-noise, and experimental effect combinations. The major drawback is that I'm finding it's really only good for ambient, so if you're keen on that it's not really a Con. Just don't buy it expecting to do rhythmic stuff stuff all that well, unless you're just straight using the phrase looper with little or no effects. Though I did hook it
  5. my little microboy set up. 💛 Sometimes pulling the studio apart and playing with a simple sub-setup is nice ~
  6. yes. good thread. In the same vein... H Takahashi - Body Trip
  7. Yeah! OutRun wasn't as great as I was hoping. But holy shit those EPs got heavy rotation for a while.
  8. ty ty. A few additional shots of buildings on the university of Western Australia campus. Not as good as the flora pics, but I like the architecture and colouring.
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