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  1. A copy of XXXXXX sold in June this year for $2500 https://blog.discogs.com/en/most-expensive-items-sold-in-discogs-marketplace-june-2021/?utm_source=dashboard&utm_medium=dash&utm_campaign=Top_30_2021_08_05
  2. Kid Lukie


    Non-Males?! In MY Autechre fanbase? More likely than you think.
  3. Pretty sure Ae just randomise their maxmsp modules and press play and out pops like 20 albums. Why don't they just fookin' have a perma-livestream these days and charge people $1/sec is beyond me.
  4. Let's just say it was ahead of its time and we'll call it a day.
  5. Sold my Roland SH-101 about 15 years ago for about $500. Needed some money quick to pay for car accident repairs. I miss it constantly, and the prices these days for it meant I really undersold a solid investment! Ah well, Behringer MS-101 here I come.
  6. I feel very safe knowing that this will only be used as advertised for target practice on wood, plastic and stone objects. I also feel very safe that I don't live in the USA.
  7. He just dropped this highly infectious acidic load!! Keen for the Aus tour!!
  8. Best attitude for this film! The plot is rudimentary and predictable... but really, who's going for the plot in a Mortal Kombat movie? I went for the HIGH IMPACT VIOLENCE and thoroughly enjoyed the film. And it looks pretty decent too. Kano is a fucking stellar character and brings some gobsmacking comedy to the film. Not cheese like Johnny Cage in the first film (not hating that though, MK 1995 was a staple for me too!)
  9. probably more on the ambient and less on the glitch, but this stuff is moving me into other places. Very similar to Global Communication at times. https://c1ph3r.bandcamp.com/
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