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  1. An interesting idea, despite the academic criticism- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strauss–Howe_generational_theory
  2. would a Squid instrumental just be a Tortoise jam?
  3. music should be free to be a meme
  4. obviously they will create another 2 albums because they are currently at 4 and there's 6 sides to a hexagon. albums 5 and 6 will feature a total of 39 tracks for symmetry. MHtRtC>TCH has 56 tracks on original releases (ignoring japan exclusive and US issue happy cycling) TH has 17 tracks. 56-17=39. all up there will be 112 album tracks which can be expressed as the sum of SIX consecutive prime numbers (11+13+17+19+23+29). it can be hypothesized that the last track on the last album will be a backmasking of wildlife analysis thereby tying all albums together in a loop creating an infinite BoC cycle. from this the band will reincarnate onto a higher plane of existence and begin the process all over again.
  5. Nice! I love these snapshots into life, not just of a certain time, but a very localised place.
  6. boc will stop at six albums because hexagons.
  7. is there a correlation between the increase in frequency of wild tinfoil speculation and the imminence of a new boc album. perhaps so. it may be a case that the same analogue signals boc transmit into the stratosphere to produce their lofi sound also happen to subliminally interact with the foil-laden headwear of such speculators. indeed boc are likely to be aware of this CIA obfuscation tactic where the best cover to mysterious happenings is to let the crazies have a voice. then no one takes it seriously and its a surprise to all when the event actually happens. the melding of fact and fiction is intentionality that fuels the boc hype machine and drives sales for commercial success.
  8. loving the absolute fuckery of these streams. doing it for the sake of being able to do it. most human endeavour.
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