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  1. wow! rad music you're making fxbip, i really like what i've heard so far! lovely detunediness =) and they're put together really nicely... i love how lots of these tracks (i haven't gone through the whole thread yet) have the feeling of sometimes getting out of control/falling over themselves, then getting untangled again and bouncing on their merry way.. something i'm always into in braindancey stuff..
  2. been playing heaps of Skyrim on Switch. i didn't think i'd like it (never played it before) but turns out i love it?? something about its shabby, drabby sameness.. really well done environment made of a nightmare of texture.. is really relaxing.
  3. oh no! :D i did not know. wow.. checkin' it. thanks Hail Sagan!
  4. really love this! and all the other Rolando stuff i got at the same time when i first opened this thread the other day. (this is my first post on watmm, hello all...).. can't get enough of it atm.. Yuo're Life seems to be my favourite, at first.. Pingu Plush + Dreamwave + Axis of Evil, all in a row, are magic to me. World Building's great too, i just haven't fully gotten to know it yet.... lovely work the burglar! *me, every night*
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