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  1. Hey thanks, glad you liked em! I enjoyed the track in your sig, will have to check out more of your stuff when I get around to listening to music more again.
  2. I've mostly kept my music to my self till now as I've mostly been focused on learning as opposed to making a polished product but I thought I'd just start sharing it regardless. Will be checking out some of the links in this thread for sure https://soundcloud.com/clowncollage
  3. I own one and thought I'd chime in, I really like it but it also has a way to go before I'd use it much together with the rest of my gear for making music, I do think it's still pretty buggy even with the latest firmware with things like inconsistent playback being a bit of a pain (I play the song back twice and it sounds a bit different each time) Polyend have supported it a ton though and I'm sure they'll nail the firmware in time.
  4. Two that're worth considering (They're my personal favourites) are the Kodamo EFM and the Motas-6. The first being a deep FM synth with more voices than you'd ever need. The second being probably the deepest analog mono on the market and it sounds really nice too. I could go on for days about both of them (specially the motas) but will save that for if you want to hear more haha
  5. It's funny that you keep mentioning things I own / have owned haha.. I have the Blokas midihub too (shifted a lot of gear around last year) and it's a really great box, I probably would've bought a cheaper solution if I'd known I was going to end up using Architect as I can do all the things I'd use it for within it but I bought it when I owned the Pyramid and it adds some incredible features which you can also sequence from your pyramid (things can get very crazy like this!) I'll let you know if I find anything good in terms of controllers, I'm hoping to find something that'll kind of matc
  6. One thing that really helped me get more out of the Pyramid is to take advantage of the Pyramidi stuff, Muting / unmuting tracks with CC and flicking back and forth between various patterns with CC, I liked that you could set the behavior of tracks to either restart or be always running in the background but I wished there was a gated mode too. I actually only use my computer for sequencing and nothing else, I'm controlling up to about 10 pieces of gear and so far have not had any issues with timing at all or at least, much less so than when I was using the Pyramid for certain things. I too
  7. I feel you 100% on this, I had a Pyramid as my main sequencer for a while after using a QY700 / RS700 before that (which were better in some ways) I too just found the Pyramid a pain for making complex music.. The song mode is way too rigid and its too difficult to keep track of all your ccs and the one off notes you have in a song. I eventually gave up on it because it's just too limiting for the things I wanted to do and I've actually found that going ITB for my sequencing (currently using loomer architect) is actually easier for me in pretty much every regard other than me missing the ta
  8. I really liked this idea for posting a track a week but I decided against join because I'm so new here and also I feel like my music would've been so out of place compared to everything else on that page so I'd thought that I'd maybe set up something similar with a few people I know. Funny thing is that I'd thought exactly the above, that it'd be nice to have very little limitation on what has to be done, so long as you're doing something that's new for you in some way each week. I've got a long list of things that I've been meaning to get around to trying / learning and this weekly output
  9. I think Architect is actually pretty great even without diving to deep, as well as having all the building blocks to build pretty much whatever you want (and a lua scripting module to do anything not possible with those blocks) you also have plenty of finished objects like the mono / poly step or aux sequencers, these don't take too much effort to learn and the possibilities with them are pretty exciting to explore. I can imagine it being easier to be productive with something like Bitwig though, currently most of my time spent with Loomer is just me learning and experimenting with ideas. N
  10. Anyone a user of this program here? I bought it a few months back and have completely fallen in love with it. I'm pretty new to using software for sequencing but people describe it as being like Max but devoted entirely to MIDI. I've already got a ton of really nice results from it and even more inspiration but would love to have other people to chat with about patch designing and such. Here's the site if anyone's interested in having a look: https://www.loomer.co.uk/architect.htm The demo version is free and the only limitation is that you can't save a project. You can however save y
  11. Yeah I can understand the choice, The Motas wouldn't be my #1 pick with performance in mind although it is also fine in this regard, especially if you had some external controllers to use in conjunction with it. The Pro-3 looks really great and I'm sure you'll love it, seen lots of people really fall in love with theirs 🙂
  12. It's £1250, signal sounds is probably the best place to get them from in the UK, it may be that they're out of stock currently though, the designer assembles them by hand in the UK so stock tends to come in waves. I actually wanted to say a lot more about it than I did earlier but was away from my computer and cba to type out my thoughts on it on my phone haha.. So, since owning one (I now own two and am selling a bunch of gear to fund a third) I've started regularly emailing the designer (Jon) and have really come to see that this synth is a project of passion rather than one that's fin
  13. I've held my tongue on this so far while being a member of this forum but seeing as you're in the market for it, I really Really recommend you take a look at the Motas-6 if you're looking for a fancy mono. It doesn't have keys but it also costs quite a bit less tan your other two options and also offers (imo) quite a lot more (like simultaneous access to 3 filters) I have a bunch of demos of it up on Soundcloud if you want demos.
  14. I've had mine for a while now, It's a good piece of kit but it does have bugs.. I've been reporting them to Polyend and they've been very receptive to the feedback and have fixed most of what I'd spotted so far. Also in speaking with them I've got some little hints towards their approach to support for the Tracker and it seems that there'll be a lot of features being added as time goes on, Custom microtune scales was one they mentioned which I thought was pretty interesting to have on a sampler. These are my first posts here btw because even though I've been lurking here for some years now,
  15. I've had the exact same thing happen with Thomann before, I never shop with them any more as a result. Keep an eye out on Reverb, I saw some being sold on there the other day.
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