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  1. Incoming oh so predictable "4th wave" and more lockdowns, surprised that this is a surprise to anyone at this point. Covid must be some alien virus coz it don't act like any virus we've known before.. It's also had this very unique ability to turn science on its head.. incredible! Happy to have my natural immunity and my good health that I've worked so hard for, it allows me to live my life not in fear of whatever the next inevitable variants is that comes our way.. I'd happily sign a waver that I wont use the NHS ever again if it meant that I could be left alone and also not need to pay tax for things I'm no longer allowed access to.
  2. I've not tried it but thought it looked interesting enough and there's a free version of it, thought I'd share here! https://vital.audio Seems people are responding well to it too.
  3. So funny how often I come across people like yourself who'll say something like "humanity is the real disease" and claim themselves to be a nihilist or a misanthrope and at the same time be anti natural selection.. doesn't really add up does it? Gotta say, all the circle jerking going on doesn't necessarily add up to intelligence which is clearly lacking here but don't worry, you belong to the vast majority of people in your views and opinions on the world so I'm sure you'll all be unified in your views in the not to distant future as governments finish getting the remaining laws through to stamp out any form of contrary thought to theirs.
  4. For some reason I can't edit my post but I was going to add: Also to add, I, my partner, my parents, several of my friends have already had Covid and survived it without issue, I see no reason for why we still need to risk out future health with taking a vaccine with no long term safety data. It's funny you mention being part of the greater good and I see this endlessly echo'd now since the pandemic but I didn't see people doing jack for the greater good prior, everyone was more than happy living their selfish little lives ignoring actual racism, actual threat to the environment, actual issues of inequality and injustice in the world.
  5. Some nice projecting you're doing there ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your response essentially amounts to 'fuck you' and it's funny that that's always the response anyone gets when they at all question the narrative on this, if everyone's thoughts on it are so stupid it shouldn't be difficult to address them so that person doesn't continue to spread supposed misinformation. I'm sorry, what exactly was it I said that warrants calling me a "tinfoil capped moron"? You say the only alternative is for everyone to get infected but that really isn't the case is it? if only the world was so simple that everything could be reduced to black or white.
  6. Haha, absolutely, the love for them right now is strong.. ๐Ÿ˜…
  7. Happy to hear this is ending, the fear needs to stop and the world needs to move on and learn to accept this virus like they do with colds / flu even IF it is more harmful, it's not going away, Research should be focused on treatments for those who are infected rather than endlessly chasing the impossible goal of "zero covid" I get that some people think us who're happy for things to be moving towards normal again (yeah right..) think we're selfish but I think the world has been massively selfish in how it's accepted everything that's happened in the last 18 months and the negative impact that it'll have on many generations to come, most of all, the impact this will all have on children. I don't know how many people here experienced trauma as a kid but I did and believe me, it's a life long ordeal to come to terms with and process / let go of, I'd much rather be using my energy else where (like making music!) but instead I so often need to turn my attention towards the trauma as it repeatedly gets in the way of me living my life. Now we're going to have a whole generation of traumatized children who had no say in any of this and it seems to me that no one stopped for a minute to think about the consequences it'd have on them. All this online censorship of professionals doesn't exactly inspire confidence within me for the direction that humanity and our leadership is headed, this has yet again been example of governments taking advantage of an emergency to seize powers that we'll now never get back. Reality is, everyone's going to die, there's a billion different ways it could happen and it could be right NOW that it happens, the majority of us haven't been at more risk over the last 18 months than the rest of our lives (unless you want to include risk of suicide) I find it so hard to believe that everything that's happened in the world over the last 18 months was purely in response to a virus that imposed such a low risk on the majority.
  8. Even if not for the sake of gluten intolerance / sensitivity, sorting ones gut is a life changer, I did the same thing when my gf was doing the diet and there and I noticed a massive decrease in general brain foggyness Man, sucks to hear that you need the Creon and it's so expensive, how long does a bottle generally last you?
  9. Even though it's been years since I finished this one, it's still my latest artwork! I've started several since then which are near completion but I've been too focused on the music side of things to actually get around to finishing them. It's mostly acrylic with a little bit of pen to sharpen the outlines I've also been messing around with photography since, never was too interested in it but now that I treat it more like painting, I really enjoy it!
  10. For anyone who's just gluten sensitive / intolerant (not celiac) I recommend looking into rebalancing gut microflora / leaky gut / things you can do to help the health of your gut lining. My GF was having really severe reactions to wheat / rye (not spelt for some reason) after having been on proton pump inhibitors for way longer than one's supposed to which damaged her gut (medical incompetence). After strictly dieting for almost a year as well as eating foods / supplements that help kill candida overgrowth and then eating foods that help heal gut (lots of collagen like bone broth) she eventually and quite suddenly one day was able to eat these foods again and has been smashing the gluten ever since after spending so long being completely unable to eat the smallest amount (even soy sauce could set her off) Happy to give more info for anyone who's going through something similar
  11. I'm completely new to this tbh, I've no clue how Bandcamp works haha.. will have a look into it though as I need to get a better grip on this kind of stuff.
  12. ah right, yeah I remember looking at an SK-1 here in the UK a few years back and the prices were already well over ยฃ100 then but to hear it go that high is mental.. I guess it has some hipster appeal (seen a few indieish bands using them) and they tend to have a lot to spend.
  13. Used gear prices have gone crazy over the pandemic, pretty much pointless to buy right now (though maybe things will also get much worse haha..) There's a few bits now and then which make be GAS a bit, wouldn't mind that TD3-MO but also really don't need it or anything and should mainly be looking at selling some stuff like my Tracker and surplus Blokas Midihub.. all my gear will be useless if I don't have a place to keep it or food to sustain me using it ๐Ÿ˜…
  14. Loved the track, couldn't have come out at a more relevant time! ๐Ÿ˜
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