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  1. anyone going to the london one?
  2. that mountain city image is actually really cool
  3. Came here to post this. So grateful for how good my life is compared to these people.
  4. fella in the blue shirt is DEFINITELY a nonce. no doubt in my mind
  5. was driving yesterday when toto africa came on. made me think of this:
  6. petition for monke and beats to meet up for a scrap irl
  7. large crowds gathering together in close proximity create covid outbreaks?????? wow no way. has to be bollocks
  8. had a look at that livecode stuff a while a go. looks really cool tbh but I've never tried it myself. If I get round to using it before september I'll let you know lol
  9. Haven't used any social media (unless you count this forum and mumble/steam) for like 3-4 years now tbh. It's probably not good for you but it's not like it's gonna heal all your problems if you dont use it (which I feel like is what some people think)
  10. Old school (early-late 2000s) conspiracy docs are always fun to watch. Loose Change: and Terrorstorm 2nd edition by Alex Jones:
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