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  1. america has a serious schizophrenia problem. im not even taking the piss
  2. someones probably already posted this but. shoebill stork:
  3. None. I work with computers and my goal is to work so hard I can live this guys story: https://rattibha.com/thread/1388107620574171140?lang=en
  4. Turning Point USA is a pro-capitalist outlet that promotes fascism. This kid is a fascist vigilante. It all makes very much sense
  5. jesus I will never moan about it being -1 degs again
  6. I'm not even on his side but it's bad to just assume hes a troll or dismiss his posts instead of actually having a counter-argument.
  7. so fucking true. have a camping trip with your mates. thatll cure what ales ye
  8. you might enjoy this https://www.reddit.com/r/BuyItForLife/ 🙂
  9. i used to end up buying a new pair of headphones every year cus id get cheap ones that would break. few years ago i got myself some philips fidelio x2's. theyre built well so hopefully theyll last
  10. i agree. if you use the internet too much youll always end up thinking like this. idk what it is about it but i sweat its true
  11. this is weird but every winter i gravitate to this video makes me feel cosy theres also this (very weird) audio that gives me the same feeling (WARNING: weird)
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