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  1. Hoooooooooooooooly shit how the fuck have I not heard this before, this is fucking incredible. Thank you so much for fucking posting this. Seriously cannot get over how good this is, how is nobody talking about this?????
  2. Gotta say you've been alot more positive in this OPN thread than previous threads! I wasn't around for them, but I've been reading them since 2017 and you were never nice to OPN in them hahaha. It's pretty cool.
  3. Just thought it was genuinely hilarious someone compared OPN to trap rap lol. No clue how anyone could make that mental link besides autotune=trap
  4. I wasn't but just because you said that I will lol. Calm down, I laughed at you on the internet. There's alot that OPN has put out that I hate, particularly in side projects. I love the guy and his music, but I'm not the type to blindly love someones music.
  5. In my opinion, something like Animals and something like Sicko Mode couldn't be further from each other lol. Just because they both have vocals doesn't mean that they're the same genre, and in fact pretty much all of Garden of Delete doesn't have autotune at all. It's a speech synthesis program. Furthermore, the tracks off of Age Of and Magic OPN that do have pitch correcting software, have additional vocal effects on them to make them more unique than your average autotuned jackass on soundcloud. Pretty narrow minded and rude to compare OPN to a mumble rapper just because he uses pitch correc
  6. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha did u seriously unironically compare OPN to trap music because he sings ahahahahhahahahahaa
  7. I love the track, which is part of the reason I think the video isn't great.
  8. As a huge opn fan who enjoys almost everything he puts out This is not a very good video.
  9. Just want more heart breaking sci fi ambient stuff
  10. That las t track i feel so emotional but then this one i feel like i'm being crushed my machinery can i just have a whole album of the emotional ambient tracks pls i like these ones but those are just so sosososos prettyyy
  11. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
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