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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of emailing him strings of numbers+words with no context from an email he doesn't recognize.
  2. My uncle is anti-vaxx and actually thinks that 5g is causing covid. What should I do about this?
  3. Cool but confusing, what exactly is this?
  4. Terminal 11 also has a cat As does VHS head Who doesn't at this point.
  5. "Happy." We'll see. I hope it's better, but the pessimist in me says it won't be.
  6. So long, MF DOOM. Greatest rapper to ever live. You will be dearly missed by me and many others.
  7. I'm not on that forum. Could I get a link for that thread?
  8. Haven't seen anyone mention this yet. Seems like about a week ago Mike from BoC remembered his password and tweeted a neat little poem. https://twitter.com/MikeSandison/status/1329033597630771203 I wouldn't get to excited. Doesn't seem to signify anything, as he did something similar 2 years ago and nothing came of it. Just something I figured was worth bringing up.
  9. This album just turned 5 today. And I gotta say, 5 years later and it's still the best thing I've ever heard. I know that for alot of people this was the album where they lost interest in the direction OPN was headed, but goodness I can't express how much this album means to me. To me it's perfect in every way. It's accompanied me during times of failure, during times of triumph, and pretty much everything in between. Garden of Delete will continue to inspire me until I hear something better. But until that day I can confidently say that it's my favorite album ever made.
  10. Out on yt now!!!!!! Thought this was great, MUCH better than the other music video.
  11. Making music you love and then being played on a popular show isn't?
  12. SO FUCKING HAPPY FOR MY MAN DAN... So crazy to see him prospering.
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