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    I've mostly worked my way thru Elseq's and NTS' longform tracks by just focusing on one or two at a time rather than playing the whole EPs/albums at once. I can see both sides of the argument for/against the longforms, but it depends on the track and the balance of elements, and time/place/mood for listening. At the end of the day it's just another compositional option with its own merits. But lately I've been enjoying a playlist of just the five "bite size" Elseq tracks ie. the ones under seven minutes. Choice of sequencing can vary but in general I like this as an imaginary sort of "traditional" Autechre EP. 1. Curvcaten 2. Chimer 1-5-1 3. 7th Slip 4. Tbm2 5. Artov Chain Tbm2 is one that belongs in spirit to the longform family, but it's relatively short so it gets included here. Has someone else already done this? Seems possible but it's a long ass thread so
  2. ^ Daft Chonk Chonk If You're Horny Chonk Youth Chonktechre Chonk Pls
  3. This is definitely one that rewards repeat listens
  4. I'm still cracking up over "Flying Chungus" two days later, well done.
  5. Excellent choices. Those two are solid from beginning to end imo (his others have some skippable moments) If I was ever gonna do psychedelics again, I think Deepak Verbera would be quite a journey
  6. Nice! Glad to be spreading the goodness. Which ones did you get? I just listened thru Raw Light II, quite a fine selection of tunes. Made me nostalgic for a few summers ago. I find his tunes are good "summer music", although last year's album put a different kind of spin on that...
  7. While this is great news I'm hesitant to equate it with "herd immunity" unless maybe I'm misunderstanding that concept. I'm still wary of how long the vaccine will last and the inevitability of vaccine-resistant variants, especially with all this pressure to reopen the CAN/US border. I'm about as optimistic as I can be tho 🙂
  8. New Botany EP is coming out this September, one track available for preview so far. The track is a bit underwhelming imo but I'm a big fan of this artist in general. Last year's End the Summertime Forever LP and Phone Ideas dump had some lush tunes. Sounds like this might be his last release as Botany fwiw
  9. I'm Canadian. What's your source for this? Also should we be posting in a new thread? A lot of useful information and discourse has been shared in this thread and it would be a real waste to lose all of that because of one person's hissy fit.
  10. Me too, just now. Interesting that it came in as I was just sitting here reading posts and not reacting or replying to anything. I guess in my case that's what reacting well is.
  11. Feed yourself off the Tracy off longing shamanism
  12. BTW adding the smoked paprika to the mix was a major win. I don't have a bbq and just made these on the stove, but between the smoked paprika and the bbq sauce they taste pretty close. Highly recommend.
  13. You've never heard of the flu vaccine I guess? How about tetanus? Or just run a search for "list of vaccines that require boosters" lol. Not the only thing wrong with your post but come on
  14. The Swifty deserves a lot more love in this here poll, love that tune 🥁🎸
  15. Terrible. Is he even using the gamelan orch in any of these arrangements? Looks like they're just sitting around. What a waste. "Rarely used" indeed lol. It's puzzling to me why anyone would do this.
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