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  1. @drillkicker Something kinda similar used to happen to me when I was in school studying music full time, about once per semester, where I would reach a point where I actually hated music. It's like my brain overloaded thinking about music every day and I just had to get away from it entirely. Or I had to cleanse my mental palate and listen to drones or noise. Eventually it would pass. I also tend to avoid music when my anxiety gets high, like if I'm going thru a difficult period or whatever, I either don't want to hear music at all, or I stick with really comfortable stuff from my past, sparingly. Or just have one album I play over and over again. The drones/noise solution applies here too. But yeah, nothing wrong with taking a break from music imo, it's likely not going to last forever.
  2. Zoomers are just worse millennials
  3. Glad you're sticking around @dcom, your contributions to this site are really valuable. Don't let the bullshit get you down.
  4. sch.mefd 2 Dirty water getting sucked down a drain. This one really swirls
  5. toaoaoad


    K I remember it was bugging me a little when I posted this because I knew it seemed a bit off from the version I had heard originally, but couldn't find it anywhere, and all the versions of it online were more or less like this one. But I just found the original one I'd seen in a book. For what it's worth (you decide which is better) -- Wash Day They that wash on Monday Have all the week to dry; They that wash on Tuesday They have pretty nigh; They that wash on Wednesday Have half the week past; They that wash on Thursday Are very near the last; They that wash on Friday Wash for need; They that wash on Saturday Are sluts indeed. (TRADITIONAL)
  6. Another person quit. I think there are only about four of us left now
  7. Made one of those frozen pizzas that comes on a piece of wax paper that you're supposed to leave on while it cooks. Absent-mindedly tossed the paper and put it right on the pan, waited patiently and hungrily, only to find the entire bottom of the pizza hopelessly stuck to the pan when it was done. Had to pretty much destroy the whole thing to get it off and probably no amount of extensive soaking will ever get that pan back to normal. You'd think it was my very first time cooking a goddamn frozen pizza. Sadly, it is most certainly not. Maybe this should be in the FWP thread. But it goes here because I'm still somehow eating it
  8. Gotta jump in and say @purlieu you're doing incredible work here, this is very impressive indeed. I think somewhere in a corner of my mind I knew this video existed, but hadn't actually seen it until now. Charmingly dated but impressive as hell for its time. And it was cool to revisit Lifeforms the album - which was as influential to me as it sounds like it was for you - with all this new info and insight. I actually did a bit of a listen-along. On a personal note, FSOL were one of the first acts I got into in my journey into the electronic music world as a kid (arguably THE first, if you don't count gateway artists like Bjork and Portishead, lol but I digress), and sometimes I forget how massively influential they really were/are. I was a kid in a coastal town exploring rocky beaches and tidal pools listening to Lifeforms all those years ago. I'd go way out and find all sorts of wild stuff. Spent most of my teens that way, listening to all kinds of electronic music, but it began with FSOL - first I had the PNG remixes on a tape someone gave me, then Dead Cities shortly after, Cascade EP and then Lifeforms, and around that point was when we moved to that town and the intertidal studies began... For what it's worth, you talk of savannah imagery in Lifeforms a lot but for me it's the pulsing and writhing collective life form that is a rocky beach at low tide. Anyway, keep up the good work, it is not going unnoticed!
  9. You've amazingly summed up more or less my exact opinion of REM lol. Monster is a classic album imo, almost perfect (skip a couple), definitely their peak. New Adventures bizarrely has about 4 really, really good songs and is otherwise a total bore. Then I remember listening to to Up a lot around the time it was new but would probably cringe hearing most of those tunes now. I also have a copy of Automatic for the People which came before Monster and is about half okay. I don't have any issue with the band personally but just find a lot of their music is really dull. They did a ton of stuff in the 80s, influenced a ton of the great bands of the 90s, but none of it has ever grabbed me at all (too young probably)
  10. Fall is back and so is SIGN! Gimme dat orange 🍁🍂🎃 Subjective Fall associations were strong with this one, lots of early listening done on very rainy days/nights or out in the colourful outdoors. Mostly left the album alone since then, needed to give it time, typical Ae digestion patterns. Ready to chew it some more. Had quite a nice time listening to si00 the other night in a rainstorm sitting down by the ocean on a little dock/lookout type thing, tiny lights on the horizon flickering in the wind and rain.
  11. lol actually I kinda like "Album" as an Ae album title. This is pretty much exactly what the Nothing records version looks like. But I'm seeing "autechre" in translucent near the top, a sticker I guess? Mine didn't have that (as far as I can remember anyway) - bought in canada late 1999
  12. LP5 was my second ae album and was my gateway. I never had a copy with the black case tho, just a regular CD case with white inner sleeve that just has the track titles written down the side. It's the Nothing Records version I guess, so eh thanks again Trent, from my 13 year old self. There's a small part of me that would like a copy with the black case but I haven't bought a CD in years so meh.
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