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  1. It's really more of an "if you like autechre then you might also like this" thread, which is quite a bit more broad and interesting than "music that sounds like autechre" innit Or things that resonate with one aspect of ae but don't necessarily "sound like" them
  2. Yeah this is kinda how I would interpret the "intelligent" in idm now. Not intelligent like "music for intelligent people", the common contentious interpretation, but rather as if the music itself is intelligent in the sense of "intelligent life forms", especially considering how much of it now uses generative processes etc. But yeah I still dislike the label either way. I dropped "idm" into a sentence the other day and the person didn't know what it was, and I immediately backtracked with "well it's a stupid term..." and was reluctant to even explain it lol, having to go into the history of the term and explain that most artists branded as such reject it
  3. I wonder if Rob would ever do one of these too? Rob pls
  4. toaoaoad

    elseq 1-5

    O hey he says it again at 4:12:44 in this video and pronounces it differently, the way it would sound phonetically. So maybe the first time was just a slip-up, or someone typo'd it in the chat and he read it out loud? Haven't looked at the chat transcripts. The next AMA shall focus on asking him to pronounce track titles out loud
  5. Yes definitely this. I went through all kinds of half-dried-up markers and pens that had collected in drawers, old pencil-crayons etc. Using something like that pretty much gives you your idea for the day in itself, and also kinda gives the pen its last hurrah. You can get some cool textures with markers that are drying out. I haven't tried many of these various surfaces but it sounds fun. Drawing on ceramic/stone/wood would be new for me. And yeah I'm all for using recycled paper/paper products and stuff like that. I was cutting things out of flyers and christmas cards and stuff for collage application too, just using pieces of colour from various sources. It's also cool if you can find any really old, weathered/yellowed paper.
  6. I thought it was just a temporary ban but yeah it has been quite awhile now
  7. Who the fuck still reads pitchfork?
  8. Yes, penises (of all varieties) are strongly encouraged
  9. This is pretty much what I did a few years ago. I used to draw when I was younger and then didn't for about ten years or so, and during that time I would get really frustrated whenever I would try to draw something because "I used to be good" and couldn't get anything right anymore, based on some arbitrary standard. But I really wanted to start drawing again. So I made up a system for myself and set out to do it for one full year. These were the "rules" (read em): - Draw something every day. - If you do skip a day, you have to make up the drawing the next time you do one. If you skip five days, you must do six drawings on the sixth day, etc. (The point of this is to acknowledge that obviously you're not gonna want to do it on some days, giving you the option to skip it without "failing" at the entire exercise - but it also motivates you not to go too long, since the work will have to get done either way. This really worked.) - The drawing does not have to be good and should not be held up to any kind of standard. In fact it can be helpful to do really bad drawings on purpose sometimes. You have to be completely 100% free to fuck it up and do bad work. Keep a sense of humour and never take it too seriously. As much as you can, let go of any sort of expectation about the work whatsoever, besides that it gets done. - Your drawings are completely private and should not be shown to anyone. You might decide to later down the road, but for now, keeping it private is integral to your sense of freedom to develop without judgment. Even positive feedback can mess with your progress. - The drawing does not have to be "a drawing". You can do a single line on the page and call that your drawing for the day. (Obviously don't just do that every day lol. The point is that it's better to get the task done in a minimal way than to not do it at all. Similar principle for point #2. Most of the time you will probably want to do the day's work and eventually might even start to look forward to it.) In essence, the drawing can be anything, as long as you put something on the page for that day. - I also found it helpful to do them in a book. It added to the sequential, "project" feel of the exercise I guess. And consistency. Buying the first book felt symbolic of making the commitment. This part isn't necessary tho. It sounds like you might be talking about digital art anyway. But this system should work just fine for that too. So yeah, this is a breakdown of the rules I made for myself, I thought it was worth sharing because it really worked for me. Surely someone will get better at anything they do every day for a year. And if I didn't have this system in place I know I wouldn't have kept it up more than like a week max lol. Over time I sorta developed a new style through that process, just by working with pens and lines. Not trying to do realistic drawings or shading and all that, just abstract line drawings. Way different than whatever I used to do way back or in art classes. I started getting really into it and was doing multiple drawings a day etc. I went the full year plus several months more, in the end. But I dried up eventually awhile after that, can't remember why, some bullshit. I've been doing the exercise again since April tho!
  10. toaoaoad

    elseq 1-5

    Yeah lick"fly" was a surprise for me too lol. Always thought of it as lick"flea" I think he pronounced elyc6 like "elsick six" or "L66" which was kinda weird, there's no s or c in it there. I'd have to go back and listen again tho and have no idea where that bit was. Anyone catch it? He was confirming that yes it was made in one day but he didn't recall telling anyone that in the first place iirc.
  11. Finished binging these last night, incredible. Fuckin love this guy lol. I know he says the music should speak for itself, but I have to admit I always find new appreciation for it when I hear them talk about it. Also really enjoy his personality. Zero bullshit. Sean thx One standout for me is that the songs he still rates from Amber are the exact same ones I do, no shit!
  12. I think it might be a reference to this:
  13. Pretty sure it's just sloppy looping flol
  14. Slept on this for ages, but recently have been really getting into it. Springtime evening walks. "Hedonic Treadmill" is really making me feel something, human emotions.
  15. Why do people like r cazt so much?
  16. toaoaoad

    elseq 1-5

    I love elseq more and more all the time. Didn't really get into it until a couple years ago and I consider myself a diehard fan. The more I listen to it, the more the earlier perception of "these are just jams" dissipates. If anything the NTS stuff feels way more like jams to me, almost all of it. Fewer layers and less development/progression over the course of a track. Nothing wrong with that. But I don't perceive elseq that way anymore (apart from obvious examples like tbm2, pendulu casual and eastre, which are still awesome in their own right but did not interest me at all for a long time for that reason). Different listening experiences and the passage of time helped with that. The volume of material, familiarity of AE_LIVE elements, and confusion/annoyance over those more repetitive, stripped down tracks, create a sort of fog for a lot of fans where the whole thing seems that way, but it's actually got a lot of tracks that are fully developed and "tell a story" and have shitloads of detail etc etc. 13x0 step, foldfree casual, the mighty elyc6 0nset, spaces how v, pendulu hv moda, etc etc... these stand up with their best material. So I probably just need another 15 years or so with NTS.
  17. Please tell us you listened to the whole thing
  18. Lol yeah, I know, I know. I just wish they'd put a bit more quality control on it sometimes
  19. The next Drift should be all instrumentals tho. Just sayin.
  20. Monkeypox is a known disease with a cure. That's not to say this isn't an alarming development. But it's not going to be like COVID was (/is).
  21. There are a couple. If you haven't heard the Vancouver 1998 soundboard then you should definitely check it out
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