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  1. you're just teasing, right? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/sep/21/britains-hopes-of-early-post-brexit-trade-deal-with-us-appear-dashed
  2. O, btw, wrongfully or rightfully, to me detroit techno is pressed on those thick black slabs of vinyl with the tiny nsc logo. Regardless of the producer of the tracks. Therefore, basic channel is basically detroit techno in my books. 🙂 Ok, this ones on metroplex instead of bc. had to post this one because bc is already widely known stuff.
  3. It will remain in you personal space though. At least, that's my experience. At least for Bandcamp. There's a couple of otherwise deleted tunes in my page. Those are set to private. So people looking at your collection can't even see them. But they are still there.
  4. backup lossy files i keep locally on a special external harddrive
  5. I use bleep and bandcamp as cloud storage. Even though I DL the lossless files and compress them in my preferred format/settings. With Bleep (and the artist specific stores), Bandcamp I can always go back and DL lossless again if necessary. Other online stores are different. The tracks I buy at Hardwax or Beatport, for instance, I save locally (eg. on some airport/time capsule apple used to make). It's rare that I buy at iTunes. And I'm simply not interested in streaming services. Never have been.
  6. Piezo randomly came up on my playlist yesterday. Got nostalgic and decided to listen to the whole album next. Lovely album. Still gives warm feelings. 🙂
  7. He's like a cross-over between electro/drexciya and autechre. I like it! ❤️
  8. Yup. Love Aril's work! To me, Aril is more about what "they call" Tech Soul. Or soul techno. Sterac is more techno, imo. Slightly more emphasis on the rhythms and the dance floor. With Aril, when I imagine his work being plaid on the dance floor, I'd probably stop dancing and just be mesmerised by the melodies and all that. Despite there def being a strong beat underneath. It's the Acid Eiffel experience, I guess. If Laurent Garnier only made tracks like Acid Eiffel, he'd probably end up somewhere where Aril Brikha is.
  9. yeah. trailer got me lightly hyped. But i must say, if that bit about the leaked story happens to be true, ... I don't know . . sounds like a cop out to me. Before I read that I was speculating about this "new" Neo being an echo from the previous one which died at the end of revolutions. This new neo being part of the matrix which started at the end of revolutions. Was thinking the "resurrections" matrix would be about new neo trying to get in touch with the previous life neo within himself. Would be like looking at neo rediscovering himself all over again. The rich actor thing breaks the fantasy so to speak. Not sure how that will fly. But i def want to find out. /geek
  10. Tracklist up on their bandcramp https://radiohead.bandcamp.com
  11. I think I love the horizon painting melodic drum'n'bass! 😄 🥰
  12. I would be very happy if Someone­™ would do it. And thankful! But I do have a desire for having an online repository with al the bought tunes, though. Ready to download whenever I'm in need. Nowadays, it's also about paying for a cloud service. I think I'll wait it out though. Perhaps these will be made available digitally later on. (one can dream...)
  13. No downloads for the extra tracks? 😫 Even if I buy the CD, I won't be able to rip it because my comps don't have cd drives since ages... awww this physical nonsense ... humbug
  14. Looks like it comes straight out of a David Lynch movie. Add a bunch of people wearing rabbit costumes, a stroboscope, a smoke machine and some disturbing background music, and you're ready to go.
  15. Ultra-vaxxed Israel? I believe Israels degree of fully vaccinated people was around 56%. So even though they started their vaccination program much earlier than other countries, the degree is nowhere near "ultra-vaxxed". (https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations or 63%)
  16. I just worry with pieces like this, the issue becomes politicised and vaccination status becomes a no-go because of it. Regardless of the medical relevance. We currently live in a f-d up world like that, im afraid.
  17. I didn't have the time to read the entire piece, but I got a bunch of red flags while skimming through. Red flags which have more to do with the quality of the journalism behind this piece. Reason is that vaccination status can be useful information for a number of reasons. One reason I didn't see mention was the greater risk of increased medical needs from patients who haven't been vaccinated. It's likely the disease will progress differently in those patients. And in terms of medical decisions this is important to take into account. Which is a completely different perspective than the ethical perspective this article implies (=with limited resources, should we pick vaccinated people over unvaccinated?). In the end, from a medical perspective, taking vaccination status into account might end up with the opposite of what this article is trying to argue. The odds are higher that unvaccinated end up in ICU. So it might be even preferable - from a pure medical point of view - to take vaccination status into account and move the unvaccinated to the ICU, while the vaccinated can stay longer out of ICU. And to make it more complex, it might even go both ways. In some circumstances, a vaccinated person will get a certain kind of treatment while an unvaccinated patient does not. But this is simply because the expected outcomes of a certain treatment is different for the various kinds of patients. Or put differently, vaccination status will likely be a relevant factor in predicting the outcome of a disease/treatment. And this article doesn't appear to do this medical complexity any justice. (Which is understandable, imo, because regular media are awful and/or not even suited for discussing these complex medical issues.)
  18. What would you do when you have valid concerns about the safety of the new vaccins? ....Of course, you take horse medicine! That makes total sense!!! Brilliant! It's tested on horses, so it's perfectly safe! O-M-G
  19. Satans Little Helper


    Might have been Ed himself? (because borEDroom!?) Was looking at the dustbrothers/blackdog bandcamp earlier today. And quite honestly, I can't understand why Ken would keep the old Black Dog name going for his new project with the Dust Brothers. Would have been better with a new name, imo. Less confusing.
  20. That's a different one! You mean this: https://www.discogs.com/The-Black-Dog-Live-Demo-1997/master/866338 That's not the tape discussed in the 5.3.11 thread.
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