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  1. Three times during the set in Athens there was an extremely loud feedback sound that was exactly as if a guitar player got too close to their speaker stack and all three times the sound felt and sounded very uncontrolled, if that makes sense. It 100% sounded like an accidental feedback freakout.
  2. Whatever they were playing at the 40' mark completely melted my mind. This was my 5th Ae show in 25 years and from a setlist perspective it was hands down the best show I've ever seen. My only complaint would be it was short at only 80 minutes long.
  3. That lighting was only on for us to enter the theatre, there were zero lights during their entire set, so it was moonlit. If you zoom into the first image you can see me standing there after the show..
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfoGqH4rad6/
  5. Autechre live at the Acropolis is in just 24 hours, never thought I'd be typing that...
  6. I've rated hundreds of souvlaki places across Greece over the years, you can see my ratings my clicking on my story highlight: https://www.instagram.com/selfedge/
  7. I can't wait, only four weeks to go!
  8. Just got my tickets to the Acropolis show, not sure what to expect considering it's an outdoor seated show but I'm excited as hell.
  9. This is seriously great news, and even the new EP they released by the new artist on their roster is great.
  10. Nice little artist profile plus a new track! https://www.kuboraum.com/digital-sound-residency/μ-ziq/
  11. "to create a new 9-track Tusken Raiders album." What is this supposed to mean? There's a release which combines the two EPs coming?
  12. This is amazing as is pretty much anything else Morphology has put out.
  13. This is pretty damn good, and it's all new tracks?!
  14. I love the remix, it's well done and strips the original of the parts I didn't enjoy.. is this the most pop thing Ae has done?
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