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  1. I listened to this twice back to back to see if I could get where he's going, I can't do it a third time.
  2. Soo.. this ever happening? I figure if they had a front cover to the album that it was nearly done yet that was a year ago.
  3. Ae just dropped a 45 minute hip-hop mix on RA and a (short) interview in support of it: https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=687
  4. Weird that Bleep lists this as a July release, it's already out on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/23qFAMtrzx7QKDy9hoRedP?si=OY5X-DLCTFSo54Z606SGhA
  5. Somebody please get Warp to add a "BUY ALL" button to make some people's lives easier. I'm assuming there's a decent number of people that would like to go all in with this with a single click. Bandcamp allows you to buy entire discographies at once, I did it with the Schematic records back catalog and it was worth every penny of the $55 they charged.
  6. This is an amazing moment to be alive. I have so many questions.. why do the Tuss tracks say "NEW" next to them? That's all previously released work, isn't it? We need to know which one of these releases is getting physical releases, nobody wants to pay twice for this stuff. Also, more than half the tracks don't stream for me and if I try and get rid of the cookies warning I'm taken to a blank page.
  7. What track is at 18:00 going into 19:30?
  8. I don't understand the appeal of this album at all. Sounds like a thrown together compilation of guest artists from every imaginable genre and the production even isn't very interesting.
  9. kiya

    4xAtlantis take1

    This is so good, WE NEED MOAR.
  10. So... this entire thing was phony?
  11. Isn't the entire thing a vanity project for Lavelle? I've heard he doesn't actually know how to produce anything or write any tracks, he just hires people and slaps his name on it. I only really liked the first UNKLE release, the one that came as a 2x12" MoWax release with that sick Portishead remix.
  12. I'm having a really hard time getting into this. Have listened all the way through 4 times and and none of it is sticking.
  13. This is seriously top notch stuff. Between this and the new Noumen material my days are sounding a lot like 2002.
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