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  1. "to create a new 9-track Tusken Raiders album." What is this supposed to mean? There's a release which combines the two EPs coming?
  2. This is amazing as is pretty much anything else Morphology has put out.
  3. This is pretty damn good, and it's all new tracks?!
  4. I love the remix, it's well done and strips the original of the parts I didn't enjoy.. is this the most pop thing Ae has done?
  5. I need a VLR trackless, this shit is insane.
  6. This is seriously appreciated!
  7. This was all the dull bits from every artist involved distilled down into two tracks.
  8. I found this release to be quite dull, I could barely make it through a second run.
  9. Listened to this a few times on Spotify, it's unbelievably good, just sprung for the extremely expensive 2CD version off their Bandcamp.
  10. Thank you for your work here. Ian would be proud.
  11. Wait, so my FLAC files I'm listening to isn't the full album? That's gotta be a mistake..
  12. Have done two full listens through the FLAC files, it's definitely different, more mellow, more positive, and warmer than their other recent releases. I'm into it.
  13. If there's a second related album it'll be called "AL".
  14. WONKY: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2190349-weird-star-system-has-double-binary-stars-and-wonky-planetary-nursery/
  15. Just ordered the CD and tee, can't fucking wait.
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