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  1. Getting the bassline to fit within all that(as well as it did, anyway) is what took most of my time. Glad you liked it!
  2. This is that track I was spending a really long time on last week. It basically ate up this week as well, lol:
  3. Same here. I've currently got myself set up with a rule to put a track up for feedback only on Wednesdays, so I can make sure I'm not too in the moment. Stuff can sound so different the next day, lol. If a track feels finished on a Wednesday, then It's still not 'finished', and I'll put up something else that I'm happy with. I really think it helps out.
  4. They're really well integrated in a dreampop/shoegaze way.
  5. Enjoyed that. It's got some Royal Astronomy vibes for me.
  6. CrystalVeil is fantastic. Where do you get the vocals?
  7. The 909 is incredible on this. Snappy and punishing. The high synth at the midway point add's some detroit to the track. Weirdly enough it was the Hoover that grabbed me the least! Looking forward to where you go with this one.
  8. Lost in the Void is my favorite of the bunch(I first heard it in that other thread where it was posted), but it was cool listening to the others. Overall, I get Stereolab/Mu-Ziq vibes here and there. The Moog/MS20ish sound in Bunker Bitch at around 2min grabbed me as well. If I had any suggestions, I guess I would say if I were remixing any of these, I'd add more synth-y weirdness. Like Raymond Scott style modular/analogue noodles to sit alongside the more traditional sounding instruments. Good stuff!
  9. I spent a really long time on a track this week, and I still don't like it, haha. Taking a break from that, I also did a separate quickie jam with the Rubicon and Spring reverb, which I thought was fun, so here's that instead:
  10. Really enjoyed this one. The spectral sounding textures are really well selected.
  11. f1244f83-d2ab-4c78-9a8a-d8c6d3fa7dbf.mp4 Jokes on him, I just stole it like National Treasure.
  12. oh, gotcha. I just jumped right in. I'm going to grab this later, regardless.
  13. I think they usually do? I hope they do, regardless. 🙂 This track is excellent too. That metallic delay is bueno.
  14. It would fit just about anywhere. Any clue on that last track? Had kind of a flute sound over a 909?
  15. Caught this just in time. Very happy for him.
  16. Another WIP. I'm really happy with the FM sound I was able to get from my Rubicon, but I'm just not sure what else to add to the track.
  17. That hoover/mentasm type thing and 909 are really catchy. The rest of the elements didn't really jump out at me, but the foundation is solid.
  18. Adds flavor. 🙂 I bought a tape deck specifically to try that with a few tracks(also to listen to old tapes).
  19. Thanks for listening! Nah, I was in high school in 1997. That was when Hard Normal Daddy came out, and I decided to lean into that direction once the track started going in that direction. Clockworks started from an accidental patch in my eurorack sequencer. Sometimes I spend forever on stuff, but that one started working right away.
  20. That pad is heavenly. The bass is lovely and thiccc. Great stuff all around!
  21. Thanks! I'm really happy with the bass on this one. I kind of feel like I've cracked a code for that. I’ve hit a pretty good stride lately where I’m recording 3-4 tracks a week. I’m finding that I like some stuff I’ve made after the fact more than in the moment, so I decided to just record whatever I have for the day. My main issue lately is getting caught up in technical experiments that don’t result in anything. I try to look at it as learning experience, but I’d rather learn while making something. I’m being to hard on myself, though. This is the most productive I’ve been…ever, maybe? Thanks for listening.
  22. That formant/degraded sound at the beginning Got Styles is super nice. You've got a real knack for drum machine layering as well. I have a few tracks from that era(Jeskola Buzz!), but I have a feeling they didn't age very well, lol.
  23. Yea I'm still getting a handle on 11, but I'm already finding that it's much nicer to adjust direct probability values rather than working through devices. I think if I ever buckle down and attempt to create a Max for Live device, it would be a version of Beat Repeat that works for MIDI instead of audio.
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