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  1. Love it! Sic sonics, great vibes. Hell Interface of the future.
  2. Yeah, he went completely off the rails a few years back.
  3. https://aagicmlex.bandcamp.com/releases
  4. The name itself is a Steinvord reference.
  5. Yeah, noticed that when I wanted to look up the WITHHOLD series that someone recommended/mentioned there. Seemed unnecessarily authoritarian/docile/whatever.
  6. VLR killing it now.
  7. Heads have been banged.
  8. Well, I'll tune into THAT.
  9. ODC - Obsessive Disorder Compulsion
  10. DJ Food's mix is great, if you haven't hear it: http://www.djfood.org/selected-aphex-works-mix-for-solid-steel/
  11. I've seen Bovid thrown about, that works too.
  12. What a fucking bunch of morons.
  13. Looking forward to my fist dose.
  14. Check out Mysticum as well, then. And first Necrophagist LP. And many more. 🙂
  15. Yeah, excited for that one! (Edit: Hate Forest that is)
  16. https://www.arturia.com/freegift-chorus-jun6
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