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  1. Come join the party! Fun times. Hi watmm I am not around that much these days but I still love you! http://www.justin.tv/katiekilobyte
  2. I'm fine with Antarctica being on there, so long as there is no profit involved. When I went through the whole process of trying to make the physical CD (which would've been a double disc) it just seemed to much of a risk with so many artists involved to charge anything for it, yet to get it done nice and pro like, would've been very expensive, and ordering by the disk (which some cheap places due) still involved a question mark with shipping and all that as to how much should be charged to break even and not make any profit. But with my experience listening in on phone conversations with Sony lawyers (my close friend does all the music for the Boondocks, which sony produces), it made me too uneasy. Then there was a domain I had bought to host the album, and a website and all that, but the costs for bandwidth of a double disc flac/mp3/etc and the domain name without needing some kind of incoming revenue just put me off it altogether. Fred most likely will not let DSC be hosted as has been stated before, but I cannot/and wouldn't speak directly for him, so that's in your hands. tl;dr I'm fine with the flac and 320k mp3 version of Antarctica being hosted on this bandcamp or wherever, if it's in addition to WATMM downloads, that's fine. No less quality or re-encodes though, too much time was spent on mastering (and money heh)! :)
  3. I'll make a facebook for it, I'm not huge fan of bandcamp, but i guess i can make one of those too and link it from the facebook. Gimmie few days. And what's up zazen, nice to see you, i'm not around much :) as for now here's the direct link to the file: http://katiekilobyte...ctica(flac).rar or copy and paste if easier: http://katiekilobyte.kaen.org/Electronic_Tribute_To_Antarctica%28flac%29.rar
  4. Yeah I ended up just making it a public session because people were having a hard time getting in. Stickam is not my ideal format but so far it's the only multi video/audio/chat platform out there that i've found (i don't likle the justin.tv chat). ANYWAY both times went off pretty well, but the downside to letting everyone in was that i kept getting a zilliopn pop up boxes saying "HEY SEXY" "HEY LADYYY" YEAHHH" :I LIKE THAT SHIRT TAKE IT OFF" which doesn't bother me but they block the freaking screen and make ithard to see the chat so i had to keep x'ing stuff out. plus i got really high and passed out and had to let the 9:30 US on roll on auto pilot loln by about 11pm. Thanks for coming out for those that did, this will be happening once a week, not sure if sundays are the best days, this was just a trial run, but we'll see what happens :). I know Sneaks and Wahrk got some new fans, tons of people were digging it, and I think this is the best Squarepusher since Go Plastic!
  5. It's a dj set, on stickam, that's all it is, all is fair game in a dj set :) http://www.stickam.com/electronicweekly join in just getting started
  6. - TONIGHT - 9:30 ENGLAND TIME! (21:30) and then 9:30 USA Eastern Time NEW SQUAREPUSHER LISTENING PARTY- WITH CHAT AND Participant VIDEO http://www.stickam.c...lectronicweekly DIRECTIONS ON SINGING IN: 1. Go to the stickam page: http://www.stickam.c...lectronicweekly 2. Click to log in with your facebook account (click twice) 3.Opt out if it asks for control to your Facebook (un tick the boxes) 4. Watch the annoying 30 second add 5. Press the 'LET ME IN" button and you're there! WARMING UP WILL BE SELECTIONS FROM "H.P. SNEAKSTEP" AND A JUST RELEASED ALBUM FROM "WAHRK" (THANKS TO KARAKASA) THE PURPOSE IS TO TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC AND JUST HAVE A LAID BACK PUB SESSION, BRING A DRINK, SMOKE, WHATEVER, JOIN IN! This is the beginning of a weekly event! ENGLAND BROADCAST - 9:30 England time (21:30) USA ENCORE BROADCAST - 9:30 PM EASTERN TIME HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THERE, BE KIND, AND RESPECTFUL! WE'RE THERE TO TALK ABOUT MUSIC! The event is located at: http://www.stickam.c...lectronicweekly It will be playing background music and vide n the stickcam page while waiting fr ppl to show up, feel free to invite anyone, they just have to friend me on facebook, I'll be watching. IMPORTANT!!!
  7. this is watmm as a whole related, not just music related, which is why I thought it belonged in gen banter. <3 (edit - was misworded)
  8. yes, I've grown tired of trying to be mysterious. we are all --- just who we are, and we're trying to make some music. So that's how we roll. <3
  9. Download full length flac, and free Tribute to Antarctica here on a dedicated server =D http://katiekilobyte.kaen.org/Electronic_Tribute_To_Antarctica%28flac%29.rar repost but...
  10. upvote for you. also I'm katiekilobyte on reddit for any of ya'll out there. watmm is always dead on the weekends, glad to see chatmm back tho!
  11. Link To free full length Antarctica Compilation - http://katiekilobyte...ctica(flac).rar Howdee there WATMM land, A lot has has changed around here. Anyhow, I just wanted to inform you the the FLAC version of the Antarctica compilation is now available for download on a dedicated server after being offline for so long. I wish everyone well and please reach out on face book and soundcloud. I'm katiekilobyte on both! TLDR - Full Antarctica COMP album available for download again on a dedicated server. Flac version only. Enjoy =D ***CONGRATS TO NOISE ON HIS RECENT PRETTY HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!*** SHOUT OUTS!!!! - KAEN - Karakasa - Record Label Records - Rephlex - - Planet MU Peace! - Caitlyn - aka Brandi_b - aka Katie Kilobyte - Aka Manglebox, etc
  12. this thread should be unpinned, it's going to get ignored if it isn't.
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