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  1. listen to power 106 los angeles for the secrets
  2. it has 2x oversampling now makes it sound like a 192khz synth
  3. skyrim, fallout 4, team fortress 2, get on steam possum on steam for team fortress 2. i will defeat you.
  4. side chain your kick drum to your master multi band compressor. Fab filter plugin multi band compressor lets you sidechain in to the low freq in bitwig. use bitwig. champ of daw's.
  5. dblue glitch, sugarbytes effectix, cable guys time shaper. Drum loops that are acoustic drums running through those plugins. The end. 303 bassline. you did it a long time ago and continue to, cheers, you're one of the best braintree!
  6. crying in your face is the track, that track.
  7. I was in a van once with Richard. Someone shoved their LP into the window and I was like toss a welly at them. Signed it anyway. I felt accosted. What a star.
  8. Great album. Go to surfing on sinewaves next. It will leave you satisfied.
  9. Joyrex why you no come meet Aphex Twin. I invited you during 🙂 Good times. Chatmm was good for syncing albums. Do it. Get together and say i picked 3 albums if you have them load them up in your music player we'll start whatever album say "i care because you do" at 8:30 pm est and start 3-2-1 and then it plays for everyone on their computer and we chat about what we think about it or what we are doing. I enjoyed doing it. Good times also.
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