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  1. He's gotten have a couple 'o tracks hanging around collecting dust.
  2. check out his last two releases for planet mu, they will not disappoint.
  3. What other labels? Also, did they focus more on the music rather than on plexiglass and getting people not to be able to listen to it? Maybe there's a pattern here. Central Processing Unit & mindcolormusic Don't get me wrong, if they had an economy version of their releases I would certainly appreciate that as an option. Consider though, that Microlith gave his music to them for release, knowing how they wrap everything in packages. but the gent passed away!!! I think someone is lacking in some empathy.
  4. Yup, third time was a charm to let these compositions sink in. Know that you mention ae, I can't help but hear melodies between the line like quality to this album.
  5. Thats some good advice. I shall give it another go tonight.
  6. I gave it 2 sober listen throughs and I must agree about that strangeness of it all even compared to his last mu album. I noticed a zappa vocal sample from 'Joe's Garage'being heavily used in Lly Spirals.
  7. This is absolutely horrible news. He was definitely a shooting star in my eyes. May the music he made forever remind us of him.
  8. When WATMM hates, they hate harddddd. Btw I love the new track. :D
  9. most definitely! Woah, I still have fans?.....I had fans? thanks very honest.
  10. Strange, I thought 'Clark',his last official full length was his most consistent material yet...now the one before that...not so much.
  11. Finally another full length from the slugaman. very excite
  12. The Drexciya universe is an acquired taste for sure but it rewards discerning listeners. Its charm and skill are in its simplicity. give it another go.
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