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Flora Yin Wong - Cold Reading


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New album out now.

Her first album on Modern Love out 3 years ago was an extremely slow grower for me. I listened to it, didn't really understand it or find much that memorable about it but I had the distinct impression I was missing out on something - there was something about it which kept me coming back to try and unravel its mysteries. By the time it was reissued last year I was a full on fan, and on first listen this 2nd album is even better.

Her music is fairly difficult to describe - it feels ephemeral and inscrutable - emotionally neutral. There is nothing flashy that catches your attention and on the immediate surface level often just seems to a collage of field recordings but it's success lies in the arrangement and production of these recordings: subtle effects, editing tricks and a skillful understanding of timing makes it completely compelling. Cymbal chimes/instrument drones are foregrounded and examined from all angles, distant chatter emerges from the smoky depths and disappears again, you get hints, suggestions and a hell of a lot of stuff happening impossible to pin down. Fully recommended.



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