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  1. First impressions: this is a good record. It reminds me more of Yoseph than anything else: punchy, direct, luxuriously groovy acid.
  2. I believe the label owner of Kombination Research has made comments in the past about wanting to keep the record an exclusive, one time thing to help keep it mysterious/valuable.
  3. Apparently yeah its part of the reissue campaign. Probably a while off tho if theyre doing them in order. I only need Abstract Thought but don't hold out much hope. Kinda surprised they're not doing Transllusion - L.I.F.E. Don't know what the legal setup is, I assume Stinson's family have the rights. New artwork bit crap like Porter Ricks ones
  4. If IDM is dad rock then what does that make dad rock? Skiffle? IDM has long gone past the stage of being unfashionable and cringey and right now its at the stage of being a long dead subgenre that young producers are being influenced by somewhat devoid of its original context. Usually it just means lots of busy twitchy hi hat patterns and the odd snare rush.
  5. Virtually everyone who appeared on that Mono No Aware comp has gone on to do top quality stuff and this guy is no exception.
  6. Yeah thats probably the correct explanation. I don't begrudge these releases, I'm sure there are lots of fans who want absolutely everything they can get from him. Im not that guy tho.
  7. Yeah he's a great musician with a good aesthetic but I haven't bought any of his releases for a few years now cause I assume I've already got the best tracks. Dont wanna accuse the guy of laziness but some of these last few albums are so threadbare they almost seem like posthumous releases. .. or maybe its a meditation on repetition i'm not getting.
  8. 1)Double Figure 2)Rest Proof Clockwork 3)Reachy Prints 4)Spokes 5)Polymer 6)The Digging Remedy 7)Scintilli 8)Not For Threes
  9. Looks like he has a new LP out soon on Brainfeeder as well.
  10. Key

    elseq 1-5

    Also noted that Sean pronounces the name of this album as 'El-seek'
  11. I enjoyed and still listen to 'Nothing' quite a bit. The turn towards footwork/gqom really worked out well. This one's got my interest, but yeah not too much to go off yet. might be a bit concept-ey.
  12. I've read the law (twice) to an exeptional level Have sent many to jail for wokeness Can fly like eagle Thx, @justice tesla
  13. Its a really nice soundtrack, the hard rock/goth stuff plays well off Badalamenti's normal jazzy cues. Even the Smashing Pumpkins tune is a winner.
  14. Its a great album. My enjoyment of it only slightly soured by the fact I heard most of it six years ago. When I payed 60 quid for it.
  15. My copy has the album title on the spine mis-printed as 'IM000'. Havent put it on yet, will spin later.
  16. Isn't it supposed to be that Wisp is involved as well, so it is Richard Tom Reid? I don't know, I can't keep up with these mad IDM conspiracy theories any more.
  18. Is that Christina Vantzou doing the computer voice on the opener? Or is she appearing in another capacity. If anything the accent sounds faintly Scottish. Its great anyway, you appear to be getting scanned by some ultra futuristic technology, high pitched synths crackle and sizzle like neurons. That sets up the concept. The rest of the tracklist is a tour guide through the Dopplereffekt world, Penderecki horror-wailing, wormy basslines riding ridiculously sterile drums, lush pads lurk around in the shadows and all done with deadly precision. Some of it was even giving me Analord vibes. Probably their most approachable album, maybe its not as grand or mysterious as Calabi-Yau or Cellular Automata but for once Donald actually gives us what we want and its glorious.
  19. Been enjoying some of these reissues today. I know everyone considers this to be their weakest period but I'm a massive drone fan anyway. 'A Long Walk' is a live album, its a recording of their 2011 set at Incubate festival which I hadn't heard before. Nice to have an official live document of later-day z*f
  20. Standing shoulder to shoulder with such heavyweight titans like Chachi, Hercules and Bio-dome.
  21. Funny, pithy review of this in this month's Wire: "The producer or team behind Brainwalzera remain shrouded in mystery - a neat trick to keep fans guessing which superstar producer it rips off is secretly in charge. Or maybe whoever is responsible just doesn't want the blame"
  22. I like how theyre increasingly using specific and esoteric areas of science to tether to their spooky electro. The preview track is quite a bit lighter in tone than I was expecting. Usually Doppereffekt albums are sci-fi soundscapes, this is way more clubby like the earlier stuff. Excited.
  23. Out April on Leisure Systems. https://leisuresystem.bandcamp.com/album/neurotelepathy
  24. Love the new age ambient stuff he put out as Jack Jutson. If he's doing a soft rock thing I trust it to at least be interesting.
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