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  1. He's never been one to pigeonhole himself, the drill n bass of the first few albums, then the complete 180° turn into lo fi folk music then back. The new material (inc. Bananas ep) seems harder to pin down, like he's still trying to settle on a new voice. Better sound design and still a bit of that childlike weirdness in there, but a little blander. But then I remember feeling slightly disappointed at the time with 'Alright!' After waiting 5 years thinking he was going to be producing some epic a la Drukqs or Ultravisitor, and finding it a little too dumb for my tastes with its constant 4/4 kick, super loud monophonic leads. Think I must have been up my own arse cause it's clearly a great record.. maybe this new stuff is a grower too.
  2. https://planet.mu/releases/addle/ Nice to see Bogdan releasing new material, and on Planet Mu. Sounds like a promising change of direction.
  3. Only halfway thru but this one sounds a bit more nightclubby. The synths are a bit bendier, the filters are doing things vaguely approximating acid, there are bells that recall the mardi gras break. There's kind of a neon vibe to the production.
  4. Got excited for a second before I realised it is just a repress of the Phases EP under a new name.
  5. I remember the album coming out at the time but not the EP, I didn't discover it 'til years later on discogs. Can only assume it was like a promo single with b sides. It's difficult to describe the appeal of Bogdan, he has the same punk energy of RDJ, some decent drum programming, very childlike/offkilter sense of humour. My favorite release is probably Drum'n'bass Classixx showing a depth of knowledge and love of the genre but completely taking the piss out of it at the same time.
  6. Some moments on this album is probably the most Ive enjoyed his stuff since Hyph Mngo
  7. and then when it did come out it was just dolphin sounds. Judging from that promo copy it sounds like this might be even further away from normal Burial. I hope so.. you've got to switch things up now and again haven't you?
  8. Quite relieved actually. I bought the physical but so far I've only listened to it on streaming. I couldnt hear any noise and just assumed I was an old codger with banjaxed ears.
  9. Just them from the official release but also: Stabbing Interview (SAWII un) Chopped F Beginning (SAWII un) Road Shimmer F (SAWII un) are all unfinished tracks from the SAWII sessions some other beatless or ambientish tracks posted up around the same time could probably also be considered contenders like Red Calx th1 [slo] Just Fall Asleep Lush Ambulance Slothscrape ssnb 07 b funnel Sline Off Key [bicycle wheel]
  10. Pan Daijing - Jade Celestial - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night Grouper - Shade Jana Rush - Painful Enlightenment Pendant - To All Sides They Will Stretch Out Their Hands Shackleton - Departing Like Rivers Ulla - Limitless Frame Sky H1 - Azure RP Boo - Established! Not Waving/Romance - Eyes of Fate
  11. Viberts version surprisingly keeps up the intense feel of the original & drops in some early 90s rave 5th chords Ae pay tribute by holding onto the main 303/robot hook, but feeding them all through alien filters and adding dopplereffekt style theremins Mike Dred rinses every last bit of acid from the track as you'd expect.
  12. Yeah I thought he was exaggerating, thinking he probably had a few classics nestled away for himself. But there are dozens of them. Even the more tossed off/obtuse tracks are worth a listen cause they are at least attempting to make something new or interesting. Makes me wonder about the unreleased musique concrete/algorithmic tracks he mentioned in that 2001 NME interview that he thinks are his best but other people would probably think are his worst.
  13. A crash course education playlist would probably be something like Radiophonic Workshop or some musique concrete Tangerine Dream/Eno Kraftwerk Some detroit techno/electro, May, Atkins Stinson Acid house Bit of jungle/ d'n'b Maybe some crossover stuff like Prodigy/Leftfield Basic Channel / minimal techno/ glitch Aphex/BoC / 90s Warp shit Bit of dubstep Some more mad modern stuff like Vsnares/opn/footwork . If this particular guy is into that type of rock Im gonna assume theyre into like more aggro stuff and would say go heavier on artists like Snares, The Bug, Bogdan Raczynski, Coil. I've also tended to find Luke Vibert/Wagon Christ goes down well among rockers. I think his tunes are very likable, John Peel famously got heavily into electronic stuff via WC
  14. Pretty sure I remember being a medievil peasant, unaware of even the concept of electricity, nevermind recorded sound. I was still massive fan of the dubstep king and had his whole discography on wax.
  15. This might be my favourite album since Bilious Paths. I prefer µ-Ziq when his is sound palette is darker, (the gothic choirs, murky reverb etc.) Sounds like the mood of Tango n Vectif but with modern programming/influences.
  16. Fantastic stuff. A lot faster and cleaner sounding than usual but still has that woozy vibe. But compared to his usual energy levels this practically sounds like footwork.
  17. The Debt EP was great and Rave Til You Cry as well, but were made up of tracks from the Rephlex era, maybe earlier. I want me some new shit.
  18. We are getting an album by The Smile(Thom + Jonny) before another Radiohead album. Wonder if the others just couldnt be arsed.
  19. I hope Boggers releases an album of new tracks at some point soon. This ep and the track on ZIQ425 suggest a slightly more mellow current sound.
  20. Ive been sitting out the last few (dozen?) releases due to burnout. Might give this series a go at some point though, I'm guessing its Colundi with tablas. Just got the Spectrum Clone compilation in the post, can't wait to give that a spin.
  21. Probably something to do with the 8 hour long albums of atonal clangs and gargles.
  22. I've been enjoying this album a lot in what's been a strong few months for footwork on Planet Mu. The usual high standard for RP Boo, perhaps a little more on the smooth and soulful side this time round. Quality Phil Collins sampling on All Over.
  23. Yep I probably like this album more now than I did at the time. Although reading over this thread I had forgotten how poorly received it was by some quarters on here and do wonder if that coloured my opinion.
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