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Poborsk - Theta Cadence (Kaer'Uiks)


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Igloo says things.


Mid-January saw the release of Poborsk’s Theta Cadence, available via Kaer’Uiks. The result is a bewildering collection of soundtrack goliaths in which heavy electronics and melody are buried behind amorphous beat structures. With the shape-shifting industrial glitch of “Super Vine” and the mechanical rhythms of “Rubber Bark,” Poborsk offers a wealth of definitive auditory activity—the limited 7″ vinyl version contains these two pieces.

Smudged data fields on the Subotnick-like “Azathoth” slither low to the ground, while the final piece (“Vaporcito”) evacuates the area with its slow motion blips, bleeps and cyber-thuds. The album has the impression of being inspired by various science fiction sound effects, carving a parallel trajectory between artists like Ital Tek, Clark, and Datach’i. Tracks like “Boars FX” take on a life of their own, with synthesizer strands scraping across muddy landscapes. Yes, it’s a bizarre journey. Dark electrical passageways never overstay their welcome, guiding us through deserted corridors that beg you to investigate further.


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