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some tracks i made


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I have been without a working computer for like 6 months at my place, its fucking hell! Back in late June I was at my parent's and used their computer to make some tracks in reason. With really shitty speakers. I'm checking them out now at a better computer and they turned out pretty decent audio-wise, despite the lack of any bass at all and horrible mid-end I had when I made them, I compensated for the bass alot and it sounds pretty ace on better speakers. NS-10 syndrome haha! :ok:



minimal techno sorta pendulum style thing.



autechre ripoff



synth vs some sort of smooth jazz. hard playing with bomes mouse keyboard lol.



drum n bass yo. nice distorted bassy shit.



trancey thing, with some swing rythm and whatnot.



some odd electronic music chord mashup. 5 minute spur of the moment thing.



happy techno smile top 40s



jazzy easy listening. again bomes mouse keyboard fucking sucks

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