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Do you think RDJ owns an Ipod?

Guest Helper ET

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Didn't he lose his mp3 player in an airplane when Drukqs was about to come out? Maybe was it an iPod?

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Guest synthganic

Brian, I like the new sig.


Oh, and who gives 2 shits about the title of this topic? Obviously no one. Nice going ET. You've done it again. :devil:

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You think he would buy an MP3 player??? i think not.




I bet he doesn't have an ipod. he doesn't seem like the mac/itunes type.


I just washed my 2nd gen shuffle with my laundry, took it apart, dunked it in 99.953% isopropyl, dried it off, put it back together, and now it works again.

I'm not sure if it charges or not, though.

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Where is that picture where he is on stage (accepting an award with chris cunningham or something) and he has the one white earbud with the white wire going to his pocket? I was going to post it yesterday but I couldn't find it......

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ipods and zunes are the dregs of digital music players, get over it


so what do you propose is better?

this topic has been discussed many times in general banter: iriver, cowan, phillips, countless other digital audio players that are more open and have better sound quality

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