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what is the best richard d. james song mini-tournament

Fred McGriff

Pick the winner from each of the 8 matches  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Alberto Balsam
    • Rhubarb
  2. 2. Who wins?

    • Acrid Avid Jam Shred
    • 4
  3. 3. Who wins?

    • Xtal
    • Flim
  4. 4. Who wins?

    • Fingerbib
    • IZ-US
  5. 5. Who wins?

    • Vordhosbn
    • Ageisopolis
  6. 6. Who wins?

    • Girl/Boy Song
    • Mt Saint Michel Mix+St Michaels Mount
  7. 7. Who wins?

    • Ziggomatic v17
    • Windowlicker
  8. 8. Who wins?

    • Rushup I Bank 12
    • Fenix Funk 5

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All of the above tracks won with relative ease in round 1, so the matches will prove to be a bit more challenging in this round.

Here we go, pick your favorite from each of the 8 matches :aphexsign:


Here's how the bracket looks so far:




Also, try and not to get locked into which one is recognized on here as the better track.. which one do YOU like better. Take the two and think about which one you would rather listen to at any given point and vote accordingly.

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What a disappointing bunch. I can't believe how many ace songs got voted out. At least a few of my original picks are still here. Four of them in fact.

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I am still pissed about Death Fuck. But yea, if Ziggomatic and Vordhosbn don't make it into the next round, I may just upchuck out the window.



4 ftw against acrid avid jam shred

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Guest Pennywise

windowlicker though is how a lot of people including me , first heard afx. that and the fact that it is awesome makes it special

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easily the most intense battle here: Acrid Avid Jam Shred vs. 4!


as good as 4 is i can't say it even holds a candle to AAJS.


its not like the Acrid Avid Jam Shred appreciation thread didn't have some part in inspiring this contest, no?

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Guest HokusPoker
if ziggomatic loses to windowlicker i'm going to just quit participating



Those last seconds of Ziggomatic are worth 10 hours of Windowlicker (which again is worth 3 years of anybody else's music).

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