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aphex twin sonar 2001 track 5


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Guest yetihunter

Date: 2001-06-14

Festival: Sónar Festival

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Length: 35:46




01. V/Vm - DeathMarch

02. (unknown)

03. Shut Up & Dance - Wipe the Needle

04. Aphex Twin - Polynomial-C

05. DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter

06. Whitehouse - Cruise (Force the Truth)

07. DJ Trace - Mutant Revisited

08. Remarc - 2:01

09. Biz Markie - A One Two

10. (re-worked voice from Aphex Twin - IZ-US)

11. Caustic Window - AFX 114

12. (unknown)

13. Hellfish - Man vs. Machine

14. (unknown)

15. BTC 107A - Brutality

16. Hrvatski - Rhetoric

17. Kopfkrank Terror Team - Psycho Terror

18. Venetian Snares & Speedranch - Unborn Baby

19. Venetian Snares & Speedranch - We Hate Russell

20. Kielce Terror Squad (I:GOR) - Domegabber 2

21. Bogdan Raczynski - D&D Diabolical (as 4-Cillinda)

22. Squarepusher - Full Rinse

23. Kid Koala - Static's Waltz




The festival ran from the 14-16th of June. DJ gig booked as DJ Aphex. Part of Sonar by Night.

Most versions are cut up into 13 individual tracks, so your track 5 might not be the track 5 above (!)


ps all of the above blatently stolen from penguingod’s ridiculous AFX gigography which is an interesting read :)

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i think what was meant was the track under the whitehouse vocals... it must be sth way different since whitehouse is pure noise, but afx uses a dnb track there...


so brainy ppl tell me to what track is it???

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Guest plasma

ive got it now, i think anyone who heard all the songs from yetihunter knows it to...


it is; t-power vs dj trace - mutant revisited


Whitehouse - cruise (vocals)


i´m happy coz those bass sounds are superb!!!

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