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Post Embarrassing Pics of Musicians You Like


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i love Tool, i love Danny Carey, and politically i'm also leaning towards left and will never be a republican


but this...









But that's not all folks!





:facepalm: i wonder how many fucking shirts he has like that



where's the Godwin's Law police when we need it?

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i took a proper lol picture of richard devine gurn-scowling with his crotch thrust forward - it looked like he was having really dirty, nasty sex with his laptop. i'm not sharing it though.

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New Order's wikipedia page has one of the most godawful pictures I've ever seen.



thinking they shouldn't have had that naked romp with those thai lady boiz half an hour earlier ... 'damn you peter' .. bernard is thinking ..


edit - glad we don't have to see them in the shower half an hour earlier ... ;-]

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