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vamos scorcho

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these guys are great


listened to hong kong last night after taking a bunch of pills (standard activity for me)


and i must say, amazing, amazing, amazing


polygon cities is also pretty cool but i don't know if i like it as much as hong kong. less ambient, less depth, more rhythm

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i'll have to check out every last thing they've done. seems like theyre quite creative and musically intelligent.


looking for momentum right now


they've got a really good way of transporting you to their futuristic world of man made nature

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realistically, pretty low. Its a little too dancey/poppy for me. Its not bad, but they have done much much better. Gravity and Momentum are my favorites. You really should check out some of their singles though specifically get the two I was talking about, Alaska Melting and Atlas/Titan.


Again though, its all about Momentum, and those two singles, do the other albums after.

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anyone checked out henke's latest solo, indigo_transform, basically a 60 minute reworking of the indigo track from cinemascope? i really like his layering buddha work and the atom/document one.

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Guest headonist

I got copies of Indigo_Transform for me and my friend, and we both love it! However, not very similar to Monolake. Momentum is the album I listened to least. But they are all good though, it depends what mood I am in.

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I don't think I've heard any monolake before; any online place to hear good samples?


Why not explore the artist's web site? He even has free unreleased mp3s to download.


I HIGHLY recommend his solo project Robert Henke - Piercing Music. It's a very "watery" ambient piece.


Oh, I know - I just couldn't be arsed to search, and usually people provide better links or examples than what I can find on an artist's site. Thanks for the links though... listening now!

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Guest 277: 930-933

His work as Robert Jan Henke is also worth checking out, lovely drones.

He also did quite a few performances using just buddha machines, there are several recordings available.

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