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this film is definitely in my top 10 of all time list. was the first dvd i ever bought. i remember watching it on "first-choice" (old rogers cable premium movie channel) so many times. apparently it flopped on the big screen.




this is a great scene where he throws his starfish (glave) up the monsters chocolate starfish.

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I always giggle at Liam Neeson being in this.




I had a neighbor growing up who had it on VHS. We would go over and watch it pretty regularly on Saturday mornings. The sound the Slayers made when they died will be permanently impressed upon my brain.

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I actually read the book first. Loved the movie and the book. Classic stuff.

Did anyone play the game? Was it any good?

i didnt think a whole lot of either the arcade or atari 2600 version. of course if your so inclined you could always emulate them and try!

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