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My 1st Mix-Summer Chill


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I made this just to see what making a mix would be like. Truth be told there isn't much, if any, mixing in it.


I should also mention that there is no warping in it.


But sure its nice and chilled anyway.



Set List:

Peacock tail-Boards of Canada

Lichen(Wisp Rework)- Aphex Twin

The Forest- Tretemoller

You're only SQL-The Black Dog

Embedded Images-Automatic Tasty

Stranded Sequestered- Erothyme

Sincetta- Plaid

Acidsnore- Acidburp

Train By The Autobahn Pt.2- The Black Dog

Exotica(Mrs.Jynx Remix)- Volitune

Perverted Undertones- Prefuse 73

Radiopropulsive- Bochum Welt

Untitled- Anflec

Beep street- Squarepusher

Congratulations- Wisp

On- Aphex Twin

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I will need to take this down from my Soundcloud soon as its chomping up all my minutes.


But dont worry you're little heads about it. You can still find it on my brand spanking new mixcloud.


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