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My friend just released the 2nd compilation for his label Katabatik. It's a very nice selection of dark electronic tracks made mostly on hardware. Lot's of female vocals and vocoders. Fans of minimal wave would probably be very into it but i think this is better than most of the new stuff i've heard like it. Most of the artists reside in the San Francisco bay area.



download (320 kbps MP3 .zip archive)


1. R.M.S. - "Knots"

2. Brotman & Short - "Daughters of Flame"

3. Mikronaut - "Europsyche"

4. Scott Arford - "Cold" (Cure cover)

5. Dimentia - "Thyme Lost"

6. Mnemoth - "Sense Net"

7. Djynnx - "Nth Veil"

8. Fluorescent Grey - "Do you want to see something really scary?"

9. Seacrypt - "Glass Eye"

10. th.o.th - "Needles Eye"

11. Nezzy Idy - "Virag"

12. Zania Morgan - "Flesh World"

13. Column One - "Nuss in der Backe"

14. Nuit Hadit - “Incantation”


for a streaming player go to


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I am typically the kind of person that doesn't listen to new music unless by chance, or a friend forces me to. For some reason, I clicked d/l with the full intention of listening and even streamed a couple tracks. What does it all mean? Anyhow, this is wicked from the little I've heard so far.

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It's also a word. Something is katabatic if it is caused by a wave of cold air. Something is anabatic if it is caused by a wave of hot air. It generally refers to the weather.

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Guest iamabe

isn't this a name of a wisp track ?...




that's what made me enter this thread in the first place!

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isn't it the name of the wisp ep that has tracks on shimmering hour?


anyways yeah it's the same word and the dudes from the Katabatik label are all from Alaska where you can experience literal katabatik winds.


i was half joking when i said goth, but there are plenty of industrial/shoegaze/goth indie music fans on this board that i think would really appreciate this. Besides Weird Records there aren't very many collectives doing this kind of sound

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my friend and I are doing this kind of sound/music/j2¼1gY╡q


will be on the release soon...


good stuff Robbie, thanks!

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so there is a new Fall Katabatik collection and in my opinion it's even better than the 1st one. Almost 2 hours long and very diverse in comparison. Lots of instrumental electronic stuff this time around






1. Nommo Ogo - "The Ancient Ones"



2. Split Horizon - "Cutting Through"



3. Not Breathing - " Ghost Cave"



4. Nezzy Idy - "The Flood"



5. Dimentia - "Forgotten"



6. Magnetic Stripper - "The Time Now"



7. Scott Arford - "Wende Moricone"



8. R.M.S. - "Untied"



9. Fluorescent Grey - "Tubal Cain"



10. Total Accomplishment - "September Song"



11. Cry of the Peacocks - "Scallop"



12. Kanopic Descent - "Tzcatlipoca"



13. C.O.T.A. - "The End of Summer"



14. Zygopetalum - "Fall Away"



15. Cult of Zir - "Chayofaque Eschatonal"



16. An Exquisite Corpse - "Eternal Emerging Patterns of Blossoming from Beneath" (Live at Autonomy 9-11-10)



17. Anthony Bissêt - "Cannabis Vatican"





all rights reserved by the individual artists



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