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Guest glasse

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Guest glasse




Daft Punk - Da Funk

Justice - Genesis

Krs 1/ Ice Cube - Men Off Steal Acapella

Crystal Castles - Baptism

Clark - New Year Storm

Ra - 04ev.Panic (Venetian Snares 3rd X Thry 3v3rything Rmx)

Telepath - Bells

Phil Western - Pontiac Pigeon

Download - Cunning

Meat Beat Manifesto - Flute Thang

Meat Beat Manifesto - Horn Of Jericho

Plateau - Bubba Purple

Iamamiwhoami - T++

Afx - Bobby Digilord

Glass Candy - Candy Castle

Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car

Luke Vibert - Acidisco

Arpanet - Infinite Density

Wisp - Beudumaegen-Fwyh

Venetian Snares - Hajnal

Ludacris - Stand Up (Acapella)

Kone - Woah, War, Wow

Ceephax Acid Crew - Play Your Cards Right

Acid Horse - No Name, No Slogan (Cabaret Voltaire Mix)

Aux 88 - Electro Slaves

Aphex Twin - Xmd 5a

Autechre - Eutow

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Guest Hanratty

I'm glad you are exploring the idm/lord of the rings connection that goes back to the dawn of time.



edit: awesome art!

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is it no possible to download mixes from Mixcloud? I'm unlikely to be at my computer for 50 minutes at a time and I'd rather listen to it when I'm out and about on the ol' ipod. Seems like a cracking tracklist and all.. esp. Cunning.

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