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Papa hasn't posted for a week


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We haven't heard a peep out of Joyrex for seven days now. What's going on? I certainly hope he's OK. I wanted to ask him when I would receive the free copy of WATMM vol. 1 that comes with my EKT Plus account.


This is the official thread for support, best wishes, and speculation on his disappearance.



essines, in the LTM waiting room, with a jagged broken burger tag.


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i can't open spoilers. he never says anything when he goes on holiday. it's time to break in to his office and view the forbidden materials hidden under a ceiling panel and tamper with the coffee beans or something. switch family photos for those of banned watmmers.

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He usually goes on vacation with his family when he takes such a long break.



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someone grab all the unreleased aphex from this house before he comes back





And someone should also post all of the links to the live AFX recordings that used to be up, way back when.


He'll never know :duckhunt:

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