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Guest AcrossCanyons

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the Deftones and Korn have always been on the metal side of juggalo. They've both played if im not mistaken at the yearly juggalo fest and are appreciated often by fans of ICP


also watch the Salem show at SXSW if that isnt ICP on ketamine inspired then my name is George W Bush


this theory is just making even more sense as time goes on, and for that i'm extremely happy


Robbie, I normally agree with your posts, so I sincerely hope in this case you are either inebriated or taking the piss.


Because this is quite hilarious.


EDIT: Also who gives a shit if ICP fans like the Deftones? Shouldn't we be happy to hear they're moving on to something that (most can agree) has much more merit?


EDIT2: I think I'd believe your theory if Max Cavalera and Maynard James Keenan collaborated with ICP. Then we'd be talking.

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Guest AcrossCanyons

what a stupid name for a band really?? its like "!!!" except lamer

and ur supposed to pronounce it CROSSES

like ya okay buddy

never listen to any witch house

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agreed crosses is meh as a name, but i dont hate it as much as a lot of people. it was originally called holy ghost i believe...


but the music is dope as fuck so who cares what it is called. just give me more...

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