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All essential mixes since 1993


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Don't know if this is really the right place for this, but it's the only part of WATMM I ever read :D


Every radio 1 essential mix since 1993. Some really classic shit there. It's coming down at the end of the month, so grab what you want now. If you DL it all it's like 280gig or so lol.

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ya a few are even flacs for you dorks.


I was in highschool in teh late 90s so I actually got into electronic music from some of Paul Oakenfold's older mixes. For 90's trance it's quintessential. It's a type of music I wouldn't get so into now, but back then it was THE shit. I'd recommend the mix from "home" on 10.31.99.

and I bet the FSOL from 93 is good. Shit is crazy old now!!!!! Anything from the earlier bits will be pretty interesting. Andrew Weatherall mix has some gnarly sounding acid bits. DO EETT. Go for the old shit. The new shit's still up on the radio 1 site.

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