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Various Artists - Air Texture Vol. 2


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CD1: Loscil Selection

01. Brian McBride - At a Loss

02. Marcus Fischer - A Fifth Season

03. loscil - Else

04. Chris Herbert - Naimina

05. Pan American - Tx

06. Strategy – Frog City

07. Solo Andata - At Commissure

08. P Jørgensen - 401

09. Rob Bridgett - Field 3

10. Mitchell Akiyama - Dirge for the Canon


CD2: Rafael Anton Irisarri Selection

01. Marcus Fjellström - The Eroding (Fairytale Music 3)

02. Sawako - Hovering

03. Simon Scott - Modena

04. Library Tapes - Och natten andades redan under träden

05. Lissom - Hollow of Winter

06. Mokira - I love you pipecock

07. Benoît Pioulard - If I could possibly tell the difference, I wouldn't care anyway

08. Eluvium - Sleeper

09. Kyle Bobby Dunn - La Passerelle de ses yeux

10. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Black days follow me around

11. Lawrence English - Cooperative Drift

12. bvdub - Surrender To Your Cold Embrace feat. Wang Lijing & Lu Yan



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Guest Smuckers

Looking forward to this. Loscil & Rafael Anton Irisarri is a much more winning combination than Bvdub & Andrew Thomas.

nail > head.

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I received my copy from Rafael today. Really pleased with this second volume. The only track I feel somewhat indifferent about is Mitchell Akiyama's. Lots of good stuff. That Marcus Fjellström piece, in particular, is killer.


Only $10 via Rafael's bandcamp:



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