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New track - Dub - inspired by Carnival


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I like it. It's very fine experimental electronica dub. I just wish it didn't get as hectic near the end as it does and would leave more room for the bass to shine through :) But I'm really impressed at how organic you've made it sound. Like everything flows together perfectly. Thumbs up!

very nice. love how variated the cymbal is, and the washed out delay part that happens around 2:40 is a treat for the ears. my only complaints are that the intro felt a bit long and the ending kind of stressed me out, but all in all a really awesome track.


Thanks guys; I think you will be quite pleased with the Tokyotower remix that will be released on the EP (no intro; sparser; more relaxed; room for bass) :-)

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Is this 100% digital, or? Did you do the mastering yourself? Sounds great both on speakers and headphones.


Thanks a lot. Yes, it's all digital, except of course the analogue sound sources (guitar, bass, machinedrum).

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